17 March 2023

Jorge Diaz-Rullo sends The full journey (9b)

Jorge Diaz-Rullo has done The full journey (9b) in Margalef. "First repetition after Alex Megos. 4 days of work but I already did the first part one year ago and the second part one week ago." (c) Adri Martinez

The route is a original line linking The journey (9a+) which he did last year and Carlota's journey (9a+) which he did last week. In the 8a ranking game, the 23-year-old is #2 after Adam Ondra.
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Jorge Diaz-Rullo completes Carlota’s Journey (9a+)

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The Journey 9a (+) FA by Tom Bolger repeated by Jorge Diaz-Rullo

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The Journey in Colombia 9a+/b by Jorge Diaz-Rullo

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