17 May 2024

Jorge Diaz-Rullo does Tierra de Nadie (9a) and onsights Triple (8c)

Jorge Diaz-Rullo reports on Instagram that his fourth season on his mega-project in Margalef, Cafe Colombia, is over for now. The 25-year-old has previously done nine 9b's and two 9b+’s. (c) Williclimb

During the last ten days, he has onsighted a 14 routes 8a and harder including Triple 8c (b+) in Baldellou. “Amazing line between holds, crimps and tufas. Really difficult to read and without so much chalk. One of my hardest onsight ever. Will be a mythical [line] in this crag, probably a little 8c.”

Jorge also recently repointed Tierra de nadie (9a) at Juncosa. “Really nice hidden cave in the middle of nowhere. Tricky and physical moves, I really enjoyed this style. I was close to send on my first day but I had to come back another day.
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