8 June 2024

Jana Švecová projects Excalibur (9b+)

Jana Svecova, with nine 8B boulders and some 8a routes under her belt, has started to project Stefano Ghisolfi’s Excalibur (9b+). After four sessions she has done all but one move. ”I never took rope climbing outdoors as seriously as bouldering but now I’am kinda into it 🫢”

How come you raise the bar all the way up to 9b+ and don’t start with an 8c or so?
Well, as I describe in the video the route is very similar to Terranova (8C+) in many aspects. I just got really psyched for that route after the discussion with Will [Bosi] who is now very close to send the route. So I went to check it out and the moves are super fun to try and actually not even that hard for me to do (some of them are hard for me but I can definitely work on it and still it’s just two or three moves anyway) so I got really psyched after the first trip and if I get back in better conditions I think I might have a chance to do some links. I wasn’t really taking the difficulty as a factor if I should try the route or not I just like the moves and it feels possible and since I am having so much fun projecting it I can’t wait to get back there.

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Jana Svecova continues her big Terranova (8C+) project by doing the FA of a shorter variant, Nova (8C) in Holstejn.”15th day. Start like Sedni si na kost (8B+) and finish like the second part of Terranova. 2 mover 8B into 8B? And now the whole Terranova, but first some hardcore training! :D."

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William Bosi just recently said that he felt that Adam Ondra's Terranova (8C+) was as hard as Burden of Dreams 9A. Now, Jana Svecova has dropped a video where she does all moves on Terranova in just two sessions, by coming up with new beta.