Halupca 1979 9a by Matjaz Zorko

4 January 2022

Matjaz Zorko has done Halupca 1979 (9a) in Osp/Misja Pec. "I started climbing Halupca in April 2021. I had one month for trying it before the cave got flooded. Even though I got quite close to sending, I couldn’t do it. Summer was too hot so in autumn I got back to it. After I did a couple of tries in autumn the water flooded the cave again. I switched to another project in Paklenica, so I had to focus more on endurance. I thought that was it for Halupca this season but luckily the cave dried again in the middle of December. It is crazy and physical roof climbing, so I had to get some power back. Even though December was really humid and foggy in Osp, I got a really good chance for sending on Sunday because the conditions were good. So jiiiiiihaaaaa I did my first 9a😊".

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Talk is Cheap 8c by Lucija Tarkuš (18)

8 February 2022

Talk is Cheap 8c by Lucija Tarkuš (18)

Lucija Tarkuš, who did her first 8c+ at age 16, has done Talk is cheap! (8c) in Osp/Misja Pec. The picture is from Céüse last year. The Slovenian has won seven …

Xaxid Hostel 9a by Martin Bergant

31 October 2021

Xaxid Hostel 9a by Martin Bergant

Martin Bergant, #9 in the Kranj WC in 2021, has done Xaxid hostel (9a) in Osp/Misja Pec. "For sure one of the best lines in Mišja peč. I tried it twice last ye…

11 November 2021

Histerija 8c+ by Sara Copar (16)

Sara Copar, Youth World Champion in 2021, reports on Insta that she has done Histerija (8c+) in Osp/Misja Pec. It is 30+ meters long partly on big tufas, followed by a boulder crux and then the pumpy finish is on crimpers.


Lomba's 9b knee pad technique and leg strength story

17 May 2022

Lomba's 9b knee pad technique and leg strength story

In the Eder Lomba video of Rainman 9b, we can see that he stays in a kneebar from 3:50 - 7:10, and short parts of it, "no hands rest". Steve McClure did the FA …

16 May 2022

Eder Lomba does Rainman 9b

Steve McClure put up Rainman 9b at Malham in 2017 after projecting it for 128 days. It is considered the hardest route in Britain and now Eder Lomba has done the first repeat. It is a link-up that goes through the crux of Rainshadow 9a and then into Batman 9a before finishing up Bat Route 8c. Intere…

SLC Boulder WCs back-to-back


18 May 2022

SLC Boulder WCs back-to-back

Besides Janja Garnbret and Adam Ondra, almost all of the biggest stars are registered to compete in the Salt Lake City Bouldering WCs during the two upcoming we…