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Grade inconsistency is a widespread problem 

Having climbed in Nafpoli, Kyparissi, and Leonidio for a week with my family, we are very impressed. These places are probably the best winter destinations in Europe. At the same time, we have never seen so much grade inconsistency. We have climbed some 6b+ routes that are harder than the 7a at the same sector. We have both climbed some of the hardest and easiest 6a we have ever tried.

If you would like to warm up on a 6a or a 6b+, only to find that they are in practice three grades harder, you can get super pumped which may ruin your day. It is not easy for the topo authors to check all the grades that are given and often holds break, but thankfully there are digital topos like the Vertical-Life (VL) one that can correct them.

Giving grade comments on databases like 8a or VL etc could help your friends have a better climbing experience.