Give a bonus point for a Boulder "Top touch"


24 November 2021

In bouldering, you do not get any credit for being close to Top out, i.e. match the Top in control. This can create situations that many do not find fair. A climber barely getting the zone once, could score better than another one that several times climb higher and but falls every time trying to match the Top. Furthermore, in the results, it is not reported that actually, the second climber got much higher on the boulder.

As IFSC plan to switch to a point-based scoring system in Bouldering, it would also be a great opportunity to start giving a bonus point for "Top touch". This will make the comps fairer and the result board will say more for the audience and the media. One alternative could be to give 0.1 points for "touching" the Top hold. If we want to be more conservative and avoid climbers going for crazy dynos, the 0.1 points could only be given for controlling the Top with one hand, i.e. in the same way as you control the zone.

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