Garnbret and Ondra win in Chamonix

10 July 2022

Janja Garnbret topped all her four routes with ease in Chamonix and won based on countback over Laura Rogora, Chaehyun Seo and Jessica Pilz. (c) Lena Drapella/IFSC

Among the men, Taisei Homma was first out and fell dynoing to the top. The dyno was done with a pogo swing with his left foot which later landed on a big volume at the same time trying to grab the top jug. Later, everyone fell at least ten moves lower before Adam Ondra cruised it until he tried a double dyno move to the top. Interestingly, Adam’s climbing time was 3.10 meanwhile Taisei had used two more minutes.

Last climber out was Sean Bailey but he fell like Luca Potocar and Yannick Flohe going to hold 30. Then the confusion started as he did not get his obvious 29+ and he was fifth in the official list. The award ceremony started without Bailey. Then some seconds later Bailey got his + and his bronze.

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