Furia de Jabali 9a+ by Adam Ondra

21 January 2022

Adam Ondra has repeated Will Bosi's Furia de Jabali in Siurana confirming the 9a+ downgrade by Alex Megos and Jakob Schubert. "Checked the moves once, at the end of the day, next day (after trying King Capellla first) rechecked the crux move again and sent on my second go. Done with Wil's method, for the traverse completely different method and probably easier. Low-end 9a+ with my height and method, for shorter climbers can be a tiny bit harder, but not 9b."

Neighbouring routes La Capella and Kind Capella have also previously been downgraded and here is an old article discussing advanced grading theory, suggesting that Furia de Jabali is a soft 9a+ just like Adam says.

Ondra has also onsighted two 8a+' and La pequena Mowgli (8c) giving it a personal 8b+ grade and in fact, he placed the draws and did it at the end of a climbing day. Adam has now done well over 100 onsights 8c and harder but in his scorecard, he has "only" 89 listed. The runner up in the world is Piotr Schab with eleven.

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15 December 2021

Furia de Jabali 9b and a flash of Jungle Speed 8c+ (9a) by Schubert

Jakob Schubert reports on Insta that he has done Furia de Jabali (9b) and that he has flashed Jungle Speed 8c+ (9a) in Siurana. The Austrian, who just did and suggested downgrades of King Capella 9b (+) and La Capella 9b (a+) did not comment on the grades but reported that he did them quickly and du…

Furia de Jabali 9b by Alex Megos

30 November 2021

Furia de Jabali 9b by Alex Megos

Alex Megos reports on Insta that he has done the first repeat of Will Bosi's Furia de Jabali (9b) in Siurana. In total, the German has now done some 100 routes …


16 January 2022

Sharma speculates Golpe de estado being 9b+

Chris Sharma talks about his Golpe de Estado (9b) in Siurana on Insta. "Could it have actually been the worlds first 9b+ ???🤷‍♂️ Either way, it’s such a badass route and would be so cool to see some other top climbers check it out." Chris says he is surprised that no climber had tried it for a long…


Lomba's 9b knee pad technique and leg strength story

17 May 2022

Lomba's 9b knee pad technique and leg strength story

In the Eder Lomba video of Rainman 9b, we can see that he stays in a kneebar from 3:50 - 7:10, and short parts of it, "no hands rest". Steve McClure did the FA …

16 May 2022

Eder Lomba does Rainman 9b

Steve McClure put up Rainman 9b at Malham in 2017 after projecting it for 128 days. It is considered the hardest route in Britain and now Eder Lomba has done the first repeat. It is a link-up that goes through the crux of Rainshadow 9a and then into Batman 9a before finishing up Bat Route 8c. Intere…

SLC Boulder WCs back-to-back


18 May 2022

SLC Boulder WCs back-to-back

Besides Janja Garnbret and Adam Ondra, almost all of the biggest stars are registered to compete in the Salt Lake City Bouldering WCs during the two upcoming we…