22 February 2023

Florian Wientjes gets Off the Wagon (from the sit) 8C+

Florian Wientjes, who previously has done nine 8C's, reports on Insta that he has done Off the Wagon Sit (8C+) in Valle Bavona. "I started trying it on a short trip last Dec. The plan was to try the stand but after that went down pretty fast I started trying it from the low start. I did all the Moves and also did my first links which gave me confidence that this Line is absolutely doable for me. From session 2 I always fell on the big move and the mental battle started. 6 more sessions came and went with close calls and new "Highpoints". It was mentally really hard climbing to the big move just to fail another time on the same move as the 60 times before."(c) Xaver Quintus

Dave Graham started working on it in 2005 and the next year, Chris Sharma and Nalle Hukkataival began projecting it. Six years later, Nalle did the FA of the stand start calling it 8C. Two days later Jan hojer did the first repeat, calling it 8B+, which was later confirmed. In 2018, Shawn Raboutou made the FA of the sit start and it has also been done standing from the ground, in both cases using the same starting holds.

Did you do any specific training?
I worked hard on some moves on the spraywall which required a lot of contact strength. I also made some replicas for the big move.

Why not do the sit-start project from the ground?
For me, Off the Wagon and the cart is part of its aesthetic. Moving the wagon to start from the ground is for me not as attractive as starting sitting on it.

What's up next for you?
Actually no plans 😅. Back to training I guess and (let's) see what's (to) come.
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