13 February 2024

Conrad Piper-Ruth does his first 8B+ at age 38

Conrad Piper-Ruth has repeated Matt Fultz’ Hypothetical (8B+) at Swan Falls. Conrad has climbed four 8B's previously and he did his first at age 36.

Can you tell us more about doing your first 8B+ boulder at age 38?
I grew up in Boise, Idaho and have been climbing for the past 24 years. In my late teens, I embraced the dirtbag lifestyle—living out of my car/tent and seeking out the world’s premier climbing areas. Climbing was life. Then I hit my 30s, started working a desk job, and had a series of injuries. For awhile, I thought my days of climbing at my prior limits were past me. Then I moved back to Boise and realized there were plenty of old guys still crushing it (Mike McClure). I changed up my training to focus more on injury prevention and quit my desk job. This allowed me to dedicate more time to harder projects and push through previous plateaus.

Hypothetical first came on my radar as a potential project after my buddies (Mike McClure and Taylor Kiley) started working it. Their sends got me psyched to start trying it and commit to the projecting process. I spent a total of nine days working it, until I finally built up the power endurance to keep the body tension and take it to the top. Hoping to keep riding this send train well into my 40s.
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