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Check Speed Potential by first 4-5 moves 

We have previously said that standing longjump is a good measurement to check the Speed climbing potential. The Norwegian coach Reino Horak has mentioned that 2.80 cm could be an indication if you could go sub 7 seconds.

Another method to value your potential is to just focus on the first five moves (4 using the Narasaki skip) and measure your time. The 5.60 world record time had a split time of some 1.5 sec. Narasaki reaches his fourth move after some 1.8 sec when he does sub 7 seconds.

So instead of training 20 sessions to check the natural talent for the full 15 meter Speed climbing having a problem with the sequence etc, it might be better to just spend five sessions focusing on the first five moves. If you can not get close to 2.0 seconds, it might be very hard to get below eight seconds.

However, it should be mentioned that the best female, who have done 7.32 seconds, reach move five after some 2.3 seconds. In other words, they loose much more time in the start in comparison of the finish. One explanation for this is that it is better to be taller and more explosive in the start compared with the finish.