27 November 2023

Cédric Lachat does Chilam Balam (9a+/b)

Cédric Lachat, who earlier this year sent his tenth 9a+ and his first 9b, has repeated Chilam Balam (9a+/9b) in Villanueva del Rosario. The 85m long route was established in 2003 by Bernabé Fernandez as the world's first 9b+, which was controversial and questioned at the time. In 2011, Adam Ondra did the first repeat after trying it just for three days and felt it was a soft 9b.

"I am extremely happy, because for me this route is a myth, like “La Rambla” or “Biography”. And what’s more, it gets me the target I wanted to reach: 50 routes in the 9th degree before turning 40. Phew, just in time! The only annoying thing is that at almost 40, when you do a big day of climbing you need 3 to rest!" More quotes on Fanatic Climbing.

Cédric won 17 medals in a storied World Cup career. In 2007, he took the bronze at the World Championship in both Lead and Boulder.
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