8 March 2024

Buster Martin does Furia de Jabali (9a+)

Buster Martin has repeated Will Bosi's Furia de Jabali (9a+) in Siurana. ”Six sessions. Final piece of a life come back. Could barely pull on last year but despite climbing having a back seat in my life I kept up the fingerboarding which got me up this thing. Wouldn’t have sniffed at it if it was given 9a.”

Can you elaborate, on what you mean by climbing taking a back seat and not sniffing at 9a?
If the consensus for the grade was 9a then I wouldn’t have complained.

Until a short trip out here a month ago, I hadn’t been climbing as much for the past 10 months or so, with most of that time being spent in Indonesia. However, I never stopped training completely. Classic 20mm pulls and weights as standard then the addition of Front 3 half crimps, micros, high angle work on the fingerboard to work my weaknesses. Whilst I didn’t have the time, motivation or mental energy to climb I found that short fingerboard and weights sessions were manageable and knew they’d pay off.

I also filled the board in Bali with grimmest scew ons I could find, so when I did climb it was an hour of limit moves on there, I was more working a general weakness but it came in useful on this route.

What is coming up next for you?
I didn’t have much luck in my climbing in the first quarter of last year so I’m keen to get some confidence up and get moving again. I thought doing a short route like Furia and trying something longer like Estado would give me a good base and target both ends of the energy systems to later apply more specifically to the endurance required for First Round First Minute (9b) which I got back on today.

More thoiughts from Buster and a video of the start can be found on Instagram.
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