6 December 2022

Bügeleisen sit 8C by Niky Ceria

Niky Ceria reports on Insta that he has repeated Nalle Hukkataival's Bügeleisen sit (8C) in Maltatal. (c) Stefan Kürzi

It was Klem Loskot who put up the stand version in 2001 as an 8B+. Then in 2014, Hukkataival added the sit start to it after a long battle saying it was one of his hardest ever. Ceria told 8a that he needed three days to do the stand and then he did the sit directly in his next session.

Ceria: "The sit start is just a different matter; more modern, I think. It forces you to stick with a diverse beta for the upper moves and it makes the stand more fluid. It represents my favorite place to start the climb and, when you sit, the feeling of looking at the line from that perspective gives you a sense of fullness."
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