27 April 2023

Austin Purdy does the Multiverse (8C)

Austin Purdy has repeated James Webb's The Multiverse (8C) in Neverland. Webb put it up as an 8B+ in 2014 and it took eight years until it was repeated with an 8C upgrade suggestion, which seems to be the consensus now. "Psyched! Hardest thing I've done in a while. It's possible Jimmy had the right idea with the grade, but it did end up putting up more of a fight than I anticipated."

Can you tell us more about the ascent?
Multiverse has been this sort of mythical boulder since Jimmy's FA in 2014 and there wasn't much information about it other than that it was supposed to be really good. Last year Daniel Woods and Taylor McNeil made the trek out there and confirmed how hight the quality was. After seeing their efforts I got really excited to go try the boulder but was not able to make it out there until this spring and had to brave some pretty frigid conditions to climb on it. Luckily though Multiverse lived up to it's reputation which made it all worth it!

It took me 4 sessions in total. I think the most challenging part of the boulder for me was how resistant it was. None of the moves felt particularly hard in isolation but linking the first half of the boulder together felt very physical and low percentage to me and then you still have to fight hard to get through the second half to the finish.
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