25 June 2024

Arne Farestveit completes Little Badder (9a)

Arne Farestveit has repeated Seb Bouin’s Little Badder (9a) in Flatanger. The 22-year-old has previously done four routes 8c+ and harder in the cave. “Really physical climbing with a pretty hard crux. I'm so happy I didn't fall after the main crux. Checked it out for a few days in May, then about 2,5 weeks now. Psyched!! :)” (c) Keith Sharples

What does Flatanger mean to you?
Flatanger is a very special place for me. The rock here is just the best in the world, and the physical, yet complex and bouldery style of the routes is something that have always intrigued me. From barely being able to scratch together single moves of the cruxes, to figuring out the most efficient way to move on the climb, as well as how, when and where to rest in the kneebars, to then eventually going all the way from the ground, is a process I find truly special about Flatanger. Since I was 17 years old I came to Flatanger every summer for a minimum of 2 weeks, and the cave has taught me so much about redpointing hard routes. From sending my first 8b+, Nordic Flower, to the immense journey of climbing my first 9a, Valhalla, this place is forever imbounded to my climbing style. There is still so much left to do, so I am sure I will come back to Hanshelleren for a long time to come.
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