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April Fool's by Ghisolfi but also serious 

Click to Enlarge PictureStefano Ghisolfi 9c+ was an April Fool's thing and we actually did get some emails showing that people believed it :)

"Obviously, it was an April Fool. I’ve never climbed a 9c+ called Pelirpa (if you read in the opposite way, it is Aprile P., or April 1st in Italian), Nasa is not my sponsor and I cannot levitate for resting on a route! It was absolutely absurd, but it was very fun set up this prank. The best part is that a lot of people and websites made it bigger than expected, sharing the picture in collaboration with me. It was fun, and so crystal clear in its senselessness that I hope very few of you believed it.

However, it’s time to focus on a (real, this time) problem that often our beloved sport shows. In rock climbing we have no judges, we are the jury of ourselves and for this reason it is crucial to be honest with everyone. I always try to record all the attempts on my projects (especially when nobody is at the crag). In this way, digital stuff is now very affordable and easy to use, and if you have a video proof there are no doubts about the ascent. This would be one feasible solution to avoid this problem. In alternative, if you have access to more technology (or to the NASA sponsorships), build a Hyper Gravity room and train to climb the first 9c+ of the world!"