1 June 2023

Apocalipsis de la gioconda 9a (+) by Daniel Fuertes, 42

Daniel Fuertes, who has done 17 routes 8c to 9a+ the last year, has sent Apocalipsis de la gioconda (9a+) in Rodellar, giving it a personal 9a grade. It was bolted by José Luis Palao and then Jonathan Flor did the FA.

"Another super route by Primo, I don't know what the “Apocalypto” has [exactly] but I love this length!!! 50 meters!!! The F.A. is incredible. From Jonatan and his courageous proposal, back then it was much harder to do. Today, being able to try the second pitch in different ways, it feels a little easier, regardless of everything, it's an incredible line!!!!"

What about this climb gave you the most challenge?
What cost me the most was getting past the second block [boulder], since it suffered several breaks and forced me to change my "beta". The second pitch was controlled since I had done it on several routes! It's a fantastic route!
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