1 September 2022

Another four medals for Japan in Dallas

On the last day of the Youth World Championship in Dallas, Japan continued to dominate with four medals. In the boys U-18, they had four in the Top-5 with Soratu Anraku winning ahead of Toby Roberts from the UK. "I am so happy to have won. It was a difficult and powerful route. I only liked that type of route a little bit, but obviously, now I like it a lot." Complete results

In the youngest boys category, U-16, Max Bertone, from France and sibling with Oriane, won being the only one topping the final route, as he also did in the semi. "I feel really proud because I found it really hard in the semis because I didn’t feel ready to compete.

I knew I had done something good because when I did the last hold the whole crowd screamed so loud, and I thought I was in with a good shot at being the world champion. So, when I did that final move, I screamed at myself because it was such a release of pressure.
" Riki Isibara from Japan was runner-up. Complete results

In the girls' U-16, Chaeyeong Kim from Korea won ahead of Meije Lerondel from France. "I’m really proud that I didn’t really make any mistakes today. And I’m relieved that because of that I got to finish in a good position and to win the title." Complete results. IFSC has the full report with more quotes and pictures.
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