8c RP and 8a+ OS by Max Bertone (14)

20 April 2021

Max Bertone went to St Legér with his father Stefano while his sister Oriane got the silver in Meiringen. First he onsighted his first 8a+, Mélodie pour un ami ardéchois, and later he did La théorie des cordes 8c in his second session. "Special beta for short climbers :-). It felt easier than the 8c I climbed in Reunion Island but very interesting to climb !"

Stefano: I went 3 days in St Léger with Max during the WC because The French Minister of Foreign Affairs decided not to send the Youth B to the European Championship in Perm. Max was qualified in both Lead and Boulder and we had to find another challenge for him as he was so disappointed.

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Change 9b+ by Seb Bouin - updated

8 August 2022

Change 9b+ by Seb Bouin - updated

Sebastien Bouin reports on Insta that he has done Change (9b+) in Flatanger. (c) Marco Müller Adam Ondra established the 55m route in 2012 as the first 9b+ in…

Change P1 9a+ by Alex Rohr

15 August 2022

Change P1 9a+ by Alex Rohr

Alexander Rohr, who has previously done ten routes 9a and harder, has done Change P1 (9a+) in Flatanger, thinking it deserves a slash upgrade. (c) John Thornton…


4 August 2022

Very hard boulders in ECH - Graz

The European Youth Championship in Bouldering started today in Graz. Unfortunately, the boulders were very hard and both climbers and coaches were upset. The Norweigian Head Coach, Reino "Nicki" Horak said that for the girls, it was the worst and hardest setting he has ever seen. "It was much worse …


Chykungunya 8c (+) by Max Bertone (12)


26 October 2019

Chykungunya 8c (+) by Max Bertone (12)

Max Bertone, little brother to Oriane, has done Chykungunya in Ouaki giving it a personal 8c grade, Video. The last week the 12-year-old has also done two 8A's…

15 January 2022

Saruman du bas 8B by Max Bertone (14)

Max Bertone has done Saruman du bas (8B) in Fontainebleau. "Super classic of the forest. I am so happy to top this one ! A perfect try I think because I was not so easy and holds didn't stick so much today."

Mirage Gravitationnel 8c FA by Max Bertone (13)

28 February 2021

Mirage Gravitationnel 8c FA by Max Bertone (13)

Max Bertone has done two FAs in Bras de la Plaine which have been bolted by Thierry Caillaud, Addiction 8b+ and Mirage Gravitationnel 8c. "Maybe 8c+, but I don'…