8c by Matteo (12) and Michele Reusa (13)

Friday, 21 August

Matteo Reusa (12) has done his first 8c, 7 pm JP chaud in Gorges du Loup and big brother Michele (13) has done his second, Hot Chili-X. Their father, Iuri (46), who recently also did an 8c, comments;

"Sharing the passion for climbing with my children is a very beautiful thing. It allows us to spend a lot of time together and to visit many places and travel long distances. It's great to see them improve every day and it's fun to try the routes together. The good and the bad thing about climbing is that it takes up a lot of space and time in our lives. I think that as long as I see that they have fun climbing I will support them in their path. The climbing must be pure fun or else it just becomes a big frustration."

Matteo: I like competing. I won the Italian championship three times. This year I did the tout a bloc and finished second. Michele: I did it on my last try on the sixth and last day of our holiday. My goal is to do an 8c+ this year.

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