10 January 2023

8a’s Route Climbers of 2022

1. Adam Ondra - CZE
The world’s best climber since 2009, which he achieved when he was only 16 years old. In 2022, he onsighted 12 routes 8b+ to 9a and did the FA of Zvěřinec (9b+), which he commented, as well as two 9b’s.

2. Sebastien BOUIN - FRA
Only counting redpoint, Seb would have been #1 with the FA of DNA (9c), two 9b+ and a 9b/+. Here is the 9c interview. Just like Adam, he is known for stiff grading.

3. Alex Megos - GER
In between and after doing ten IFSC competitions, he managed to do some ten routes 9a and harder including two 9b FAs. Here Megos comments three 9a+.

1. Anak Verhoeven - BEL
Five routes 9a and 9a+ in 2022 as well as an 8b+ onsight. She also started bolting routes during a one month trip to Leonidio. Here is an 8a interview from Leonidio.

(The following three girls are tied #2 as we could not split them.)
2. Laura Rogora - ITA
During 14 days in October, the successful competition climber did four routes 8c+ or 9a, which she commented to 8a. In February she did three 8c FAs. In between and after these ascents her focus was more or less on comps.

2. Chaehyeon Seo - KOR
During two weeks in November, after a very hectic competition season, she did several impressive ascents including La Rambla (9a+) and onsighted one 8b and one 8c.

2. Martina Demmel - GER
She started climbing only in 2017 and within two years, she had onsighted her first 8b (a+). Since 2020, she has arguably been the best female onsight climber in the world. In 2022, she onsighted 24 routes 8a to 8b, as well as, did her second 9a and three 8c+. 8a interview from December.
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