4 July 2009

8a members dominate Boulder World's

1. Alexey Rubtsov RUS (Semi-6) WC33 2. Rustam Gelmanov RUS (1) (WC2) 3. Dave Barrans GBR (5) (WC21) 4. Guillaume Glarion-Mondet FRA (2) (WC4) 5. Kilian Fischhuber AUT (3) (WC1) 6. Sean McColl CAN (4) (WC11) Alexey (20) has only participated in four Boulder WCs, 21-12-13-26. He started climbing just three years ago when he entered the Moscow Aircraft University. Based on his 8a scorecard, we can see that he previously has done two 8A boulders. It is interesting to see that Alexey just made it to the final and then won. This up-side-down thing has happend often during 2009. Picture by Anna Piunova. Rustam Gelmanov, should be nominated as competition boulderer of the year as he was second in the Boulder World Cup 2009. It should also be noted that this was the third World Championship in a row with a Russian gold. Also Dave Barrans is a 8a member and here is his personal webpage.
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