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Clara Louise, United States

Lucky Streaks Tuolumne Meadows CA
Size: 640 x 640
Votes: 1 Rate: 5
Mirko Caballero, United States

Mirko Caballero, Tuolumne, Yosemite 2011
Size: 1024 x 678
Photo: Killko Caballero
Votes: 2 Rate: 3
Lonnie Kauk, United States

PEACE 13c tuolumne meadows ca F.A Ron Kauk
Size: 434 x 639
Photo: jim thornberg
Votes: 20 Rate: 4,8
Marko Sturm, Slovenia

Steelfingers traverse, Tuolumne Meadows
Size: 1024 x 621
Photo: ryan alonzo
Votes: 30 Rate: 4,73
Paul Sage, United States

manteling on knobby Tuolumne granite perfection... top of Medlicott Dome
Size: 1024 x 682
Photo: Matt Sage
Andrea Gennari Daneri, Italy

Andrea climbs Orange Plasma 5.11 in the sunset of East Cottage Dome, Tuolumne Meadows, California
Size: 512 x 768
Photo: Eric Odenthal
Votes: 32 Rate: 3,94
J V, United States

Shannon Moore sending Do or Fly (5.11c traditional) Tuolumne Meadows, USA.
Size: 800 x 533
Photo: John Vallejo
Votes: 62 Rate: 3,94
J V, United States

Casey Mctaggart sending Do or Fly (5.11c traditional) Tuolumne Meadows, USA.
Size: 511 x 768
Photo: John Vallejo
Votes: 14 Rate: 4,71
Nathaniel Walker, United States

Matt Ciancio leading (The Mantle Pitch) Heart of Stone, Tuolumne, CA
Size: 240 x 181
Votes: 23 Rate: 2,57
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