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Removing duplicate routes, crags

Hey all,

Is there a report feature or way to highlight duplicate routes within a sector?

For example, has "Throwin Stones" listed twice at the same grade

Additionally, I've noticed in my local climbing scene there's a couple sectors that have equivalent (but incomplete) crags, like:

  • - The correct sector with mostly complete route information
  • incomplete missing a lot of information.

Is there a report feature or way to fix this? Thanks!


Hey! Good news, and bad news... the good news: There is an interface to do these actions, and I just did the route & crag merge you suggested. Also merged the two Jet Streams in the same sector. Let me know if the spelling is off somewhere. The bad news is that we aren't ready (yet) to roll this out to more people than just us who work with the DB. When it is ready, we will let you know, I hope some time later next month or early november. cheers

Thanks Ben! Looks good now. I’ll keep an eye out for announcements on the tool, I’d love to be able to report / fix up the duplicates across the Las Vegas area in the future!

Hi ! also this crag has a lot of duplicated ..

the right crag is this:

and these are the duplicated :


Hi, this should be done. cheers

Hey Ben — there are a ton of duplicates at some of the areas I climb at, especially in Great Barrington MA (many of which are just the same boulder but slightly misspelled like ten different ways). I've used the Report Spelling feature in the past but it never seems to get updated.

If there were some way for certain “trusted” users to edit crag info to merge duplicates and fix area/sector details, that would be awesome…if this is potentially coming soon (I see you mention something in November, very exciting), please let me know! I’d be happy to do a ton of cleanup across the 5+ primary bouldering areas that I frequent

Note: Another super common thing is the same boulder getting added both within a specific sector, and also with an "unknown crag" or "unknown sector" — and the duplicates often all have quite a few repeats, so all the send data gets split between two locations (which is especially impactful for lesser-traveled boulders). For example, these all refer to the same line:

Having crag and tick info spread across multiple crag entries is definitely starting to be a bother for me as I'm retro-adding my ticklist...hard to tell which one I "should" be ticking. I love the new "green highlight" feature, and there's something great about the idea of being able to visually start clearing out a crag with it...but it's hindered by the fact that sometimes the most-repeated entries for two different climbs in the same crag are logged in 8A as being in different crags. I know this interface is a delicate and dangerous thing to extend to the general public but I feel like there could be some level of trustedness that would allow specific users to make edits for the greater good...perhaps even like on Wiki, so they're reversible if someone really screws up

Hey Tyler, I definitely hear you. Sorry that I missed your message from 12 days ago. The reported spellings should now be fixed. We'll give select people access to the UI to make these changes as soon as we have a permissions system in place (currently there is only one "special" role, which is basically all-access for internal people) - we are starting on this last bit next week, so it might be ready at the end of November / December. The issue is that both catching and reverting changes is pretty hard in some cases, especially with merges of boulders. As to which boulder to add - I would say, the one that is not in an unknown entity (especially crag) is the best choice. I merged the three Pearls that you reported above, into Near Trapps. Thanks a lot for offering your help. I will be in touch!

I’ve been meticulously trying to clean up the entries for my local crags here in Ontario. (Mostly spelling errors causing duplicates) I’ve submitted a lot of spelling corrections to merge entries but I would also love to be able to carefully make these changes on my own time. Looking forward to having these tools available! Thanks!

It seems like some duplicate crags have been merged in error. In Frankenjura for example there exist some crags that have the same name despite being in a totally different area. This is an example: The following routes belong to the "Spitzenstein" in the Kleinziegenfelder valley, the other routes belong to another crag with the same name: "Ziegenfelder Weg", "Normalweg", "Frühstücksweg", "Wiesenweg", "Gipfelriss", "Diretissima". If there is a permission system one day, I would like to help improving the database for my local crags :-)

Hi Stefan, thanks a lot for this tip. I cleaned the mess. This is a good example, why we need moderators, cause algorithms have a hard time distinguishing these two crags. This is coming soon...

Hi there. Are there any updates about this new feature? Same as others mentioned, I would really like to clean up the local crags (in Austria), especially in the area of Baden.

Bump. Any news? I would also like to tidy things up here in my local crag.

Hi, how to acces the interface? I would like to clean the local crag where i climb. Thanks

Another bump :) happy to help clean up the places where i climb too!

Hi! Any updates on this "moderator" functionality? Id love to improve the areas I regularly climb at, as there are sectors beeing logged 4 times in different regions, also wrong gps coordinates, etc


Hey Virgil, here is the form and here is the corresponding news item from last week: . If you like, please sign up via the form and we will be in touch. cheers!

Along the lines of fixing duplicates, is it possible something went wrong with a merge of Bear Toss 8B in Rocky Mountain National Park? There have been 2 instances of the boulder for a while but currently (at least for me) if you navigate to either there is just an error message.

Thanks for posting, we fixed it just now. Cheers

These three routes are the same:,,