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Forum: GLOBAL / News / 8c+ and 8B's FA by Toni Lamprecht (47) Login in to contribute
8c+ and 8B's FA by Toni Lamprecht (47)
OffLine 8a.nu
  2019-01-09 00:00:00    
Toni Lamprecht, legendary hard core FA-ionist in all disciplines; 9a routes, 8C boulders, 8c MPs and 8c DWS, has recorded his sends from 2018. On the pic he shows god adaptation to the modern school with his double dyno of Seitensprung 8c in Kochel. Add to that 8c+ and 8B boulders FAs. With his 88 kg on his 187 cm, the 47 year old might be the biggest multi-discipline climber operating world class level. In total he has put some 2 000 boulders, routes, MPs and DWS. 8a interview from 2009 - Insta 2019.

What are you most impressed by the new generation?
The most impressive is the huge number of very very good climbers and a lot of them almost unknown, too. And of course the top five people doing everything from boulder to multipitch and they seem very "grounded" and open minded. Wish the political world would have leaders like that..

How do you train nowadays and what is your 2019 ambition?
Normally 2-3 times in the week. I rest if I go skiing or in the summer while surfing. No training the last years only climbing outdoors or trying projects, because my "old" body needs a lot of rest after every climbing day.
In 2019 I'd like to try a really hard boulder project nearhome (15m roof), work on the FSK-Project, a possible solid 9th-grade-route and travel a lot for skiing.
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OffLine Frank Grabo
  2019-01-09 23:04:35    
Youth has no age :)  sauber Toni!
OffLine Sebastian Peace
  2019-01-10 00:02:01    
Nice to hear from the "Stier von Kochel". Amazing pictures! I wonder if he tried Pirmin's FAs in Kochel aswell.
Edit: Not sure if "god adaptation" is intended or a typo ;)
OffLine Gonzola
  2019-01-10 14:40:04    
Amazing, 88 kg and crushing.
Could this be a new world record?
Jens, what do you think?

OffLine Michael Niedermair
  2019-01-10 16:04:25    
The route "Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang" (8c+) is one of Pirmin's FAs. Toni climbed also some boulders up to 8b+ the last years, that he didn't share one his scorecard