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Jain Kim has won most IFSC comps52018-10-20 17:16:46
by: Franz the Stampede
Reel Rock 13 - Trailer12018-10-19 13:19:24
by: Karsten
Stargate 8A+ by Ivana If Řezníková (36)32018-10-19 11:02:18
by: BOR
Walk of Shame 8a+ by Cathy Wagner (53)12018-10-16 15:26:59
by: Olmin
Dur Sex 8c+ by Laurent Vigouroux (40)12018-10-15 20:25:50
by: Robert Kasper
La cène du roi lézard 9a+ by Cedric Lachat252018-10-15 08:57:51
by: Jens Larssen
Nilbru 9a by Edu Marin12018-10-11 23:31:52
by: Sebastian Peace
Dohi and Tanaka make a Japanese double22018-10-10 22:48:53
by: Yin Yang
Female Olympic Finals52018-10-10 21:28:21
by: Herman Claeys
4 Tops and Lettner wins overall with 6 seconds92018-10-10 21:09:24
by: John Render
9a+ FA by Pirmin Bertle482018-10-10 17:37:45
by: Atious
Sam Avezou is the lucky winner at 6.9612018-10-10 16:11:25
by: Hans Markus Rød
Three topped all 4 - Lukan wins12018-10-09 21:49:55
by: Frank krane
Remarkable Speed in Buenos Aires22018-10-09 14:55:01
by: Jens Larssen
XXL 8c+ by Laurent Vigouroux (40)82018-10-08 18:46:18
by: Joakim Thommesen
Day 1 - Youth Olympics12018-10-07 16:14:38
by: Jorge will
Niky Ceria bouldering in Grampians12018-10-06 15:23:38
by: Kenny Walker
Creature from the Black Lagoon 8C+ by Shawn Raboutou192018-10-06 11:16:22
by: The Whistleblower 5
Two 8b+'s by Ema Seliškar (14)12018-10-05 21:51:21
by: Bojan
Les mollahs du mur 9a FA by Loic Zehani (17)32018-10-05 19:21:49
by: Loic Zehani
La Rustica SDS 8C (B+) by Hukkataival32018-10-05 18:18:06
by: Chris Sanders
Ghisolfi and Kim got their revenge in Kranj42018-10-03 06:19:05
by: Joe Crotty
Jain Kim and Jakob Schubert win semi in Kranj72018-10-01 20:45:50
by: J. Smith
Kranj Finals Sunday 18.0012018-09-30 19:18:12
by: Thomas Maatz
9 male Japanese to semi in Kranj32018-09-29 17:50:40
by: J. Smith
Honnold Free Solo 360 - National Geographic22018-09-29 08:45:23
by: Dani Puigdomènech
8C FA in Slovenia by Jernej Kruder12018-09-27 13:47:37
by: Johannes Boos
Hip Hop Gone Wild - featuring female climbers12018-09-27 12:58:35
by: Hans Markus Rød
Rich Marcus 8c by Matilda Söderlund in Sweden12018-09-27 05:25:14
by: Travel Alternative
Biographie 9a+ by Stefano Carnati52018-09-26 18:14:35
by: Peter Deetz
Hazel Grace 8C (B+) by Gabriele Moroni22018-09-25 17:15:37
by: Sam Weir
Two 8a+' by Cathy Wagner (53)32018-09-25 12:35:27
by: Frederic Bonnard
Nordic Plumber 8c by Katherine Choong72018-09-23 21:34:29
by: Sylvester
Thor's Hammer 9a (+) in Flatanger by Josh Cornah12018-09-20 05:56:40
by: Harry J Bone
New Base Line, second 8B+ by Mile Heyden12018-09-18 16:29:27
by: Axel P.
Schubert winner of the great Combined World Championship162018-09-18 13:30:31
by: Hans Markus Rød
Female Combined Final 11.0052018-09-17 12:56:23
by: Jakob O
Janja Garnbret Combined World Champion82018-09-17 08:31:30
by: J. Smith
Garnbret, Noguchi and Gejo the only ones getting tops122018-09-16 12:15:37
by: Jan V'
4 Tops by just the Top-6 in the semifinal but not Ondra, Kruder or Narasaki12018-09-15 20:34:19
by: Joe Crotty
Male semifinal starts 13.0032018-09-15 15:51:52
by: Jan V'
All favorites but Megos and Sugimoto did make semi142018-09-15 12:44:46
by: Jan V'
Janja superior on too hard boulders262018-09-14 22:54:03
by: Jens Larssen
Female Boulder Semi 13.0052018-09-14 22:03:38
by: Bojan
6.697 by T Narasaki in Speed302018-09-14 21:50:12
by: Bojan
Female Boulder Final Starts 19.0012018-09-14 20:00:36
by: Thomas Maatz
8A+ for Becky Wilby after just 3 years of hard training12018-09-12 00:39:38
by: Isabelle Faus
8A (B) by Isabelle Faus in Rocklands32018-09-11 21:19:24
by: Bojan
Female Boulder Qualification - 10.0042018-09-11 15:42:32
by: Bojan
Schubert wins, on count back, Austria's second gold42018-09-10 16:18:40
by: Tom Thudium
The remarkable stats for Jakob Schubert12018-09-10 16:06:59
by: Bojan
Janja is critical towards time classifications in Lead32018-09-10 13:04:31
by: Christoph Barthel
Giuliano Cameroni #1 in the 8a ranking game32018-09-10 11:32:12
by: Jens Larssen
Female Finals Highlights22018-09-09 12:23:07
by: Ivan Kuvacic
2*4 ties in semi - time critical in the final32018-09-09 06:52:44
by: Bojan
Double Tops by Ondra but Desgranges is out22018-09-08 22:54:32
by: Gonzola
Excellent start in Innsbruck22018-09-07 19:08:28
by: Paulo
101 female Live in Innsbruck WCH with Lead qually12018-09-06 20:04:16
by: Tim Hatch
9a by Paige Claasen12018-09-05 23:49:48
by: Franz the Stampede
9b FA again by Pirmin Bertle272018-09-05 09:57:21
by: Sally Hartstein
Dreamcatcher 9a by James Webb12018-09-05 04:57:54
by: Sebastian Peace
8B (A+) by Alizée Dufraisse in Rocklands22018-09-04 17:19:27
by: Karsten
Spectacular 8C FA again by Dave Graham (36)82018-08-30 21:26:53
by: Jason Crank
9a FA by Mathieu Holtz12018-08-28 14:22:14
by: Lorenzo Cambria
Noguchi & Chon Asia Games Combined winners162018-08-28 07:35:03
by: Jens Larssen
8B+ and 8C by Daniel Woods in Rocklands12018-08-25 18:49:40
by: Tululo
Slovenian dominance in Munich132018-08-24 17:02:54
by: Bojan
Add crags to the database3912018-08-21 11:39:35
by: Endre Verden
Janja Garnbret and her amazing IFSC track record12018-08-21 09:46:15
by: Bojan
6 Japanese female Top-12 in qually82018-08-19 09:57:06
by: Bojan
Kruder secures the overall Boulder title in the semi12018-08-18 15:56:12
by: Sebastian Peace
3rd 9a by Julia Chanourdie32018-08-16 13:51:54
by: Bojan
Lukan and Narasaki Junior winners in Moscow12018-08-15 23:41:44
by: Štěpán Volf
9a by Ryan Sewell22018-08-15 16:39:15
by: Frederic Bonnard
Honnold Free Solo Trailer22018-08-15 11:37:15
by: Sebastian Peace
Avezou & Rogora winners in Youth A Bouldering12018-08-15 08:08:38
by: Jan V'
Åland and Västervik in 25+ degrees12018-08-12 15:12:22
by: Karl Vichter
Slaney & Narasaki take first bouldering golds12018-08-11 17:45:54
by: Arnoud Prinz
Cardwell's perspective from Spain last winter12018-08-09 17:43:20
by: Jorge will
The Recovery Drink 8c+++? by Daniel Jung32018-08-09 04:55:12
by: Sebastian Peace
8B (A+) by Jule Wurm232018-08-08 19:06:36
by: The Whistleblower 5
9a FA by Thibault Lair again12018-08-07 18:01:07
by: Rai
International Climbing Survey92018-08-07 09:10:55
by: Till Teufel
9a (8c+) by Chaehyeon Seo (14)12018-07-31 17:42:27
by: Pbla4024
Schubert and Garnbret win in Arco102018-07-30 14:18:13
by: Lucas M
9a+ FA by Adam Ondra42018-07-25 08:30:26
by: JBee
13th 9b FA by Adam Ondra42018-07-24 08:43:01
by: Bojan
Mikel Linacisoro and Julija Kruder win the Psicoblock Masters12018-07-23 18:45:56
by: Jordan Shackelford
Megos and Garnbret win in Briancon102018-07-23 14:53:38
by: John Render
13th 9b FA by Adam Ondra32018-07-22 12:36:39
by: Bojan
8A+ (B) by Anna Liina Laitinen22018-07-20 21:54:41
by: Duni
Pilz and Ghisolfi win another perfect show in Chamonix192018-07-20 10:36:02
by: Endre Verden
8b by Cathy Wagner (52) again32018-07-19 21:31:15
by: Chad molino
Briancon Paraclimbing Highlights12018-07-19 15:00:18
by: Pbla4024
8c+ by Illya Bakhmet-Smolenskyi (13)22018-07-17 15:05:18
by: Evgeniy Ekimov
8 male Japanese Top-19 in Chamonix qually112018-07-14 18:23:00
by: Jan V'
Garnbret and Schubert win in Villars152018-07-14 12:20:55
by: Bojan
New topo for Rocklands with 2500+ boulders12018-07-13 16:19:28
by: Karthik Sonty
Desgranges, Lehmann and Noguchi double tops82018-07-12 22:38:25
by: Jan V'
8C (B+) by Dave Graham in Rocklands22018-07-12 14:00:50
by: Jens Larssen
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