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Muttertagsdach 8B+ FA by Toni Lamprecht (48)12019-05-22 22:54:53
by: Rajko Zajc
Fred Rouhling's Akira 8C+ instead of 9b?122019-05-22 19:06:41
by: Leeman peterson
Paint it Black 8C by Daniel Fong52019-05-22 13:38:13
by: T
Victory for Schubert and Garnbret in Munich192019-05-22 08:52:59
by: JLH
Steppenwolf 8B flash by Matt Fultz32019-05-21 22:02:51
by: T
5 female and 3 male from Slovenia in Top-1232019-05-19 10:12:31
by: JLH
Halva Power Ext 8c+ by Yann "Diego" Ghesquiers (48)22019-05-17 07:47:35
by: Jens Larssen
The Game 8C by Ryuichi Murai32019-05-17 05:19:30
by: Isaac Gillman
9 of the Top-10 from Japan skip Munich32019-05-16 20:21:49
by: JLH
Mandanga Total 9a (8c+) and three 8c+' by Jonathan Siegrist102019-05-15 09:51:22
by: The Whistleblower 6
La Padrina 8a+ Cathy Wagner (53)122019-05-14 12:58:45
by: Bomberone
Ninja Skills SDS 8C/+ by Martin Keller (41) after 150 sessions22019-05-11 16:27:53
by: Bongowurm
8B+ FAs by Pirmin Bertle12019-05-11 11:17:28
by: Karl Vichter
Bridge of Ashes 8C by Matt Fultz52019-05-10 23:18:12
by: 2big2boulder
Pachamama 9a+ by Piotr Schab32019-05-10 21:45:32
by: Guido Princess
The Outer Limits 8C by Carlo Traversi22019-05-10 20:48:57
by: Brian Weaver
8B FA (+) in Font by Caroline Sinno42019-05-09 15:40:51
by: Julien Gasc
Ryohei Kameyama in Font12019-05-07 15:23:37
by: Bomberone
Garnbret/Klingler on Top followed by Asians in qually52019-05-04 15:27:11
by: JLH
Manuel Cornu and Janja Garnbret win in China212019-05-01 18:08:15
by: Sylvester
6.62 by Kokoro Fujii and 9.46 by Janja Garnbret132019-04-30 12:25:32
by: Jan V'
Drift 8C by Martin Stráník12019-04-30 08:50:56
by: Jan V'
Papichulo 9a+ by Seb Bouin and Kamil Ferenc82019-04-29 13:17:25
by: Wojtek Dołęga
Almost perfect qually and semi match for the female22019-04-28 20:12:20
by: Jens Larssen
IFSC/IOC Olympic movement meeting12019-04-27 14:14:29
by: Kenny Walker
Kruder is out in Chongqing12019-04-27 10:33:35
by: Robert Kasper
El Bon Combat 9b by Felipe Camargo52019-04-21 20:13:08
by: Rai
The Kingdom 8C (B+) by Daniel Woods32019-04-19 21:36:52
by: Austin howell
Two 7C+' by Patti Wohner (45)42019-04-16 16:32:47
by: Peter Hill
Mamichula 9b by Seb Bouin12019-04-16 15:16:50
by: Pbla4024
Absolute perfect Ondra jamming ending182019-04-15 14:39:42
by: Kang Hee
From too hard in the semi to too easy in the final32019-04-15 09:35:24
by: Brian Weaver
Meiringen Semi Live 11.00 - 14.00112019-04-15 08:39:13
by: Jan V'
Moscow finals 17.30 Euro time52019-04-15 03:41:42
by: Veríssimo
Way too hard female semi setting22019-04-14 20:17:23
by: Jens Larssen
Five onsights by Garnbret in Moscow12019-04-13 09:59:09
by: JLH
Mawem brothers 5.699 and 6.34422019-04-12 20:51:28
by: Jens Larssen
8B+ by Zou who started climbing in 2014 at age 2612019-04-11 11:34:57
by: Unai
Bain de Sang 9a by Samuel Ometz12019-04-09 16:25:06
by: Sebastian Peace
Four sessions in a day - Ondra Road to Tokyo #812019-04-09 07:26:55
by: M .
Garnbret #1 and Noguchi #2 ahead again92019-04-08 22:09:16
by: Jens Larssen
The Story... 8C by Leon Fraunholz (18) and Giani Clement22019-04-08 19:15:00
by: Jurasaurus
Japan dominate Meiringen male qually22019-04-05 15:48:25
by: Jens Larssen
Ondra superior in the 9a+ stats32019-04-05 15:38:10
by: Pbla4024
Ondra favorite in Meiringen live-streaming on Saturday12019-04-05 15:12:48
by: Jan V'
Der mit dem fels tanzt 8C by James Webb12019-04-05 11:34:06
by: Jan V'
From dirt grows the flowers 8C by James Webb22019-03-26 01:24:49
by: ®ents
Délire Onirique assis 8C by Ryohei Kameyama32019-03-25 17:38:20
by: Jo Scha
The Story of Two Worlds 8C by Luis Gerhardt12019-03-25 14:56:13
by: Stefan Atschreiter
Squoze 8C by Taylor McNeill32019-03-22 18:11:29
by: Jens Larssen
Valhalla 9a+ FA by Edu Marin - 304 m roof!12019-03-21 16:37:17
by: Davo
New 8a App Version For Android12019-03-21 09:48:27
by: Vlad Nko
Life Of Villains 9a (+) by Jonathan Siegrist32019-03-19 12:26:58
by: Claude
Coup de Grace 9a by Marco Zanone22019-03-14 22:39:15
by: Robert Kasper
No Kpote Only 9A by Ryohei Kameyama182019-03-13 11:27:12
by: Daniel Fagerlund
No Kpote Only 9A (8C+) in just 4 sessions by Kameyama going for Burden of Dreams 9A62019-03-12 23:39:55
by: Sergii Topishko
REM 8C+ by Giuliano Cameroni22019-03-09 18:22:43
by: Jo Scha
La Rambla 9a+ by Dave Graham152019-03-09 17:30:14
by: Steve
The Orb 8a by Lynn Hill (58)22019-03-07 20:26:32
by: Joakim Thommesen
Pachamama 9a+ by Seb Bouin62019-03-07 15:33:21
by: Rai
Spectre 8B flash by Brian Nugent62019-03-07 01:11:06
by: Dick Puncher
Gibert and Bonder French Boulder Champs12019-03-05 14:08:46
by: Ckarypidis
Joe Mama 9a+ by Sean Bailey12019-03-05 08:29:37
by: JLH
BTRM 8a+ by Cathy Wagner (53)12019-03-04 12:10:05
by: JLH
Fuck the system 9a by Nika Potapova (16) and Fedir Samoilov52019-03-04 11:03:43
by: Henning Wang
Esclatamasters 9a by Matteo Gambaro (44)52019-03-04 10:14:28
by: Pbla4024
Le Neve and Phillips win CWIF22019-03-04 08:23:48
by: The Whistleblower 6
Catillac 8B by Isabelle Faus22019-03-02 19:39:01
by: Jens Larssen
Joe Mama 9a+ by Jon Cardwell12019-02-28 21:57:16
by: Bongowurm
Avocado Power 8b+ by Song Yunchan (11)22019-02-28 21:02:29
by: Jens Larssen
Queen Line 9b by Stefano Ghisolfi12019-02-27 07:26:17
by: Rai
Green Fingers trav 8B (A+) by Caroline Sinno22019-02-27 07:22:35
by: Rai
Three 8A+' in just five days by Alex Puccio22019-02-25 04:08:37
by: Dan Cannaday
Nagual 8B flash by Thilo Schröter22019-02-23 22:41:45
by: Kenny Walker
72 athletes and 12 medals in Paris 202442019-02-22 11:53:21
by: Martijn Pieterse
Keenan Takahashi wins Hueco Rock Rodeo32019-02-21 17:00:29
by: Jens Larssen
Poison the Well 8C+ FA by Giuliano Cameroni32019-02-21 14:47:29
by: Kylemfspurgeon
Odyn's crack 9a+ by Edu Marin in China32019-02-20 17:05:46
by: Olmin
Memory is Parallax 8B+ by Isabelle Faus12019-02-17 00:00:32
by: Bongowurm
Neanderthal 9b and Catxasa 9a+ by Adam Ondra52019-02-15 17:04:27
by: Pbla4024
Kuzan 8C by Ryohei Kameyama12019-02-13 09:36:01
by: JLH
Three 8A+ flash by Thilo Schröter in Hueco12019-02-12 21:12:36
by: Thomas Bach
Sleepwalker 8C+ FA by Jimmy Webb72019-02-02 06:02:38
by: Christian Mengel
Beta.8a.nu Launched!202019-02-01 07:55:59
by: Jens Larssen
From Dirt Grows... 8C by Christof Rauch52019-01-31 18:38:22
by: Jean-Baptiste Jourjon
Daniel Woods best day in bouldering; 8C & 8C+ and goes for the sit22019-01-27 08:46:01
by: ®ents
Kintsugi 8B+ (8C) by Ethan Pringle42019-01-25 16:14:28
by: Bongowurm
Southern drawl 8B+ (C) by Taylor McNeill12019-01-23 00:40:20
by: Jeremy Jennings
Is barefoot Charles' 9A the hardest boulder in the world?12019-01-20 02:59:24
by: Jimmy Leto
Bio-Affinity 8B by Oriane Bertone (13)12019-01-18 18:32:21
by: Rai
La Fabelita 8c by Nika Potapova (15)12019-01-17 13:10:04
by: Krzysztof Krzyzanowski
Le monde perdu 8a+ by Cathy Wagner (53)62019-01-15 08:37:53
by: Freddie Chopin
The Master Key 8B by Oriane Bertone (13)112019-01-14 07:35:54
by: JLH
The Wheel of Fortune 8B by Isabelle Faus22019-01-12 05:10:20
by: Geo Bush
8B and two 8A+' by Ashima Shiraishi (17)22019-01-11 21:34:24
by: Jon Megent
Two 8B's by Clay Gordon (17)52019-01-11 13:53:39
by: Zach Galla
A Muerte 9a by Jan Hojer52019-01-11 11:20:04
by: Rohan89 na
8c+ and 8B's FA by Toni Lamprecht (47)42019-01-10 16:03:28
by: Michael Niedermair
Oriane Bertone takes her spider style to new levels432019-01-10 11:01:01
by: Jens Larssen
Dreamtime 8C by David Firnenburg32019-01-08 18:10:14
by: JLH
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