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Charles Albert opens 9A in Font barefoot42019-01-18 19:38:07
by: Christian Mengel
Bio-Affinity 8B by Oriane Bertone (13)12019-01-18 18:32:21
by: Rai
La Fabelita 8c by Nika Potapova (15)12019-01-17 13:10:04
by: Krzysztof Krzyzanowski
Le monde perdu 8a+ by Cathy Wagner (53)62019-01-15 08:37:53
by: Freddie Chopin
The Master Key 8B by Oriane Bertone (13)112019-01-14 07:35:54
by: JLH
The Wheel of Fortune 8B by Isabelle Faus22019-01-12 05:10:20
by: Geo Bush
8B and two 8A+' by Ashima Shiraishi (17)22019-01-11 21:34:24
by: Jon Megent
Two 8B's by Clay Gordon (17)52019-01-11 13:53:39
by: Zach Galla
A Muerte 9a by Jan Hojer52019-01-11 11:20:04
by: Rohan89 na
8c+ and 8B's FA by Toni Lamprecht (47)42019-01-10 16:03:28
by: Michael Niedermair
Oriane Bertone takes her spider style to new levels432019-01-10 11:01:01
by: Jens Larssen
Dreamtime 8C by David Firnenburg32019-01-08 18:10:14
by: JLH
Dave Graham 70 min interview22019-01-08 15:56:46
by: David friedman
Amazing 8a off width trad fight by Adam Ondra22019-01-07 21:49:25
by: Michael Ritler
Esclatamasters 9a by Laura Rogora (17)12019-01-04 22:10:15
by: Rai
Goofy 8c by Alex Totkova (13)12019-01-04 18:44:45
by: Jivko Terziiski
Pirmin Bertle bolting in Swiss42019-01-04 12:55:24
by: Robert Kasper
Find the best winter climbing destinations62019-01-02 12:10:25
by: Giovanni Cuttica
Catxasa 9a+ by Jakub Konečný (19)12019-01-01 15:48:03
by: Štěpán Volf
Neanderthal 9b by Jakob Schubert12018-12-31 18:45:20
by: Franz the Stampede
Two 8A (+)' by Oriane Bertone (13)52018-12-27 12:42:47
by: Steve
Best hard core bouldering temperature is 2 - 10 degrees22018-12-27 12:25:16
by: Sebastian Peace
Iker Pou (41) 9b interview32018-12-26 15:14:55
by: A0 Climber
Megos wins La Sportiva Legends302018-12-25 06:19:18
by: Tony morgan
Ondra onsights Just Do It 8c+22018-12-22 17:08:42
by: Quim aguilar
Estado Critico 9a (8c+) by Lucas Marques (37)12018-12-22 14:51:16
by: Bruno Fernando Ferreira R
Garnbret is the female Sport climber of 201812018-12-22 00:55:49
by: Simon Plum
Ondra is the Climber of 201812018-12-20 23:32:42
by: Giuliano Cameroni
Karoshi 8C by Paul Robinson42018-12-20 21:35:37
by: Sebastian Peace
Artaburu 9b? FA by Iker Pou22018-12-20 12:44:26
by: Matt Fly
Login Cabin 8A+ by Isabelle Faus52018-12-19 21:20:20
by: Ben Mangelsdorf
Female sport climber of 2018?102018-12-18 15:53:00
by: JLH
Almost everyone thinks they have great technique42018-12-16 00:39:12
by: Louis de cornulier
Box Therapy 8C+ FA by Daniel Woods32018-12-14 22:45:05
by: David van Bragt
Atonement 8c by Babsi Zangerl12018-12-14 14:21:38
by: Sebastian Peace
Three 8c+ by Stefano Carnati12018-12-10 23:06:33
by: Henning Wang
Hypothèse assis 8C+ FA by Charles Albert barefoot92018-12-10 08:25:00
by: Li-How
Perfecto Mundo 9b+ by Stefano Ghisolfi22018-12-07 21:47:34
by: Franz the Stampede
Southern Smoke 8c+ by Margo Hayes62018-12-07 16:34:04
by: Peter Pan
Kai Lightner aiming for Tokyo 202012018-12-06 22:52:29
by: Kenny Walker
Amazing video of Ondra high up on The Salathe Wall122018-12-04 08:16:31
by: Jan V'
El Bon Combat 9a+ (9b/+) by Jakob Schubert182018-12-03 22:31:01
by: Peter Pan
Off the wagon low 8C+ by Shawn Raboutou152018-11-30 12:23:11
by: Jens Larssen
Three 8c+'s in RRG by Andrew Nimmer12018-11-27 20:04:48
by: Peter Bonamici
5 million ascents guide you to the globe's best climbs22018-11-27 09:56:50
by: Abuk
Evolution 8c+ by Ben Moon 5212018-11-26 14:40:31
by: Rai
8B FA by Oriane Bertone (13)52018-11-25 08:35:16
by: Philippe Beytrison
Dani Andrada, 4.015 routes and boulders 8A or harder132018-11-23 20:39:03
by: Jens Larssen
Chromosome X 9a by Illya Bakhmet-Smolenskyi (13)112018-11-23 09:03:06
by: Li-How
Conner Herson (15) does The Nose 8b+72018-11-22 23:38:35
by: Henning Wang
VBlog #3 Ondra in America42018-11-21 08:50:38
by: Jan V'
Chromosome X 9a (8c+) by Alexander Rohr102018-11-20 17:12:53
by: Sebastian Peace
Energica Cosmica 9a+ FA by Ale Zeni32018-11-20 13:58:30
by: Sebastian Peace
Seta Total 9a by Alex Garriga22018-11-19 11:46:14
by: Worllhmar
Rise 9a+ FA by Sachi Amma12018-11-19 10:34:41
by: Jan V'
Adam Ondra onsights Just Do It 8c+142018-11-19 09:48:33
by: Louis de cornulier
A maze of death 8A+ by Katie Lamb42018-11-14 04:24:46
by: Sebastian Peace
Pipe Dream 8B by Thomas Lindinger22018-11-13 20:42:30
by: Christian Mengel
Johnny Dawes (54) back to 8b+52018-11-12 09:55:07
by: Alan Little
Meltdown 8c+ trad by Carlo Traversi32018-11-09 18:55:06
by: Giamo
El Dorado 9a FA by Carlos Ruano (38)132018-11-08 18:56:50
by: Carlos Ruano
Action Directe 9a by Stefan Scarperi122018-11-06 11:17:04
by: Thomas Maatz
4th 8C+ FA by Daniel Woods122018-11-06 08:56:53
by: Li-How
Schweinebaumeln 9a by Thomas O'Halloran12018-11-05 23:07:32
by: Steve Holloway
Atomic Playboy 8A+ trav (8A) By Oriane Bertone (13)22018-11-04 20:56:21
by: Oriane Bertone (f)
9a FA again by Joe Kinder (38)292018-11-02 20:38:49
by: Rai
Garnbret and Schubert overall Lead Champions72018-11-01 15:29:45
by: Rai
Paige Claasen doing Algorithm 9a72018-10-29 10:51:15
by: Pbla4024
Finals cancelled in Wujiang272018-10-26 13:12:42
by: Pbla4024
Agnes Buen 9a FA by Thilo Schroeter32018-10-25 22:10:24
by: Kenneth Rasmussen
Ace of Spade 9a (+) by Daniel Woods12018-10-24 12:00:25
by: Olmin
Two 8c's in Oliana by Margo Hayes42018-10-23 13:05:07
by: Sebastian Peace
Jain Kim has won most IFSC comps52018-10-20 17:16:46
by: Franz the Stampede
Reel Rock 13 - Trailer12018-10-19 13:19:24
by: Karsten
Stargate 8A+ by Ivana If Řezníková (36)32018-10-19 11:02:18
by: BOR
Walk of Shame 8a+ by Cathy Wagner (53)12018-10-16 15:26:59
by: Olmin
Dur Sex 8c+ by Laurent Vigouroux (40)12018-10-15 20:25:50
by: Robert Kasper
La cène du roi lézard 9a+ by Cedric Lachat252018-10-15 08:57:51
by: Jens Larssen
Nilbru 9a by Edu Marin12018-10-11 23:31:52
by: Sebastian Peace
Dohi and Tanaka make a Japanese double22018-10-10 22:48:53
by: Yin Yang
Female Olympic Finals52018-10-10 21:28:21
by: Herman Claeys
4 Tops and Lettner wins overall with 6 seconds92018-10-10 21:09:24
by: John Render
Sam Avezou is the lucky winner at 6.9612018-10-10 16:11:25
by: Hans Markus Rød
Three topped all 4 - Lukan wins12018-10-09 21:49:55
by: Frank krane
Remarkable Speed in Buenos Aires22018-10-09 14:55:01
by: Jens Larssen
XXL 8c+ by Laurent Vigouroux (40)82018-10-08 18:46:18
by: Joakim Thommesen
Day 1 - Youth Olympics12018-10-07 16:14:38
by: Jorge will
Niky Ceria bouldering in Grampians12018-10-06 15:23:38
by: Kenny Walker
Two 8b+'s by Ema Seliškar (14)12018-10-05 21:51:21
by: Bojan
Les mollahs du mur 9a FA by Loic Zehani (17)32018-10-05 19:21:49
by: Loic Zehani
La Rustica SDS 8C (B+) by Hukkataival32018-10-05 18:18:06
by: Chris Sanders
Ghisolfi and Kim got their revenge in Kranj42018-10-03 06:19:05
by: Joe Crotty
Jain Kim and Jakob Schubert win semi in Kranj72018-10-01 20:45:50
by: J. Smith
Kranj Finals Sunday 18.0012018-09-30 19:18:12
by: Thomas Maatz
9 male Japanese to semi in Kranj32018-09-29 17:50:40
by: J. Smith
Honnold Free Solo 360 - National Geographic22018-09-29 08:45:23
by: Dani Puigdomènech
8C FA in Slovenia by Jernej Kruder12018-09-27 13:47:37
by: Johannes Boos
Hip Hop Gone Wild - featuring female climbers12018-09-27 12:58:35
by: Hans Markus Rød
Rich Marcus 8c by Matilda Söderlund in Sweden12018-09-27 05:25:14
by: Travel Alternative
Biographie 9a+ by Stefano Carnati52018-09-26 18:14:35
by: Peter Deetz
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