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Question about 6c+ flash and a few other things

Michał Bąk


I have the impression that points for 6c + in flash style are not counted well. After adding some new routes this year and highlighting the top 10 routes on my profile, the Flash 6c + route has 650 points, exactly the same as it should have in RP style.

Unless the system counts points well and only displays wrong. I don't know.

In addition, in All time statistics, it shows me 3x 6c + routes in flash style, when I have only 1 in the logbook.

What's more, when in the statistics section in the drop-down menu I select All Time, it displays my done 7a routes properly, but when I choose a specific year of their making, e.g. 2019, it does not display them in the statistics.

If I am wrong, I would ask for an explanation, although I think there is something wrong.

Michał Bąk

I noticed one more thing now. When I choose in the statistics 2019 then it displays my 6c + flash routes well, while in all time statistics there is an error.

Jens Larssen

I will forward your comments. Thanks!

Roland Spieth

Same for recently added flashed boulders. "Flash" is counted as "redpoint".