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Most repeated 8b and 8b+

Was wondering what the most repeated 8b and 8b+ are on here, anyone know?

Hey! Here are the most popular routes 8a - 9a in the database:

8a: Carte Blanche, Céüse (711 ascents)

8a+: Sueurs froides, Céüse (356 ascents)

8b: L'ami de tout le monde, Céüse (251 ascents),

8b+: Geminis, Rodellar (185 ascents),

8c: Pata negra, Rodellar (113 ascents)

8c+: La Novena Puerta, Santa Linya (39 ascents)

9a: Underground, Massone (30 ascents)

Keep in mind that there might be duplicates without which the list would look slightly different.