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missing some important features in new website

Christoph S.
  1. i can only see the ascents from other people ordered by grade. i want to see it ordered by date, so i can see what routes my friends climbed the last weeks
  2. i cannot find "my updates" anymore (the routes my friends climbed recently)
  3. i miss the "latest ascents" per crag, where i could see which routes where climbed recently in this crag

Christoph S.

and i cannot see my own routes ordered by date - only orderd (descending) by grade ! very important feature!

Adrian Waibel

I second that. I wanna know what people have been up to in my local crags.

"latest ascents" was the single most important feature for that. I want to know if there have been new first ascents. New routes and boulders to try. Basically the only reason I visit in the first place.

Javier Redondo

Yes, where ara my friends update??

Christian Hoyer

agree with christoph. a lot of functions still missing.

Alexander Mestler

Also, I don’t see if an ascent was traditional anymore. Can we please restore that feature. I would like to have a note on the ascents if they are trad.

Alexander Mestler
In reply to Alexander Mestler

please bring back "traditional", "soft", "hard"

Christoph S.
In reply to Alexander Mestler

Soft/hard function exists, trad is missing

Christoph S.

it is annoying when you redpoint a route, you have to enter how many tries you made! That should be optional, not reqired! I don't know how many tries i made in a project when i finally sent it ;)

Andrew Miller

They left out FA. They left out Hard/soft. They left out Trad. This is all a shame

Troy Simonds

This site was already garbage, now it's worse

Asia Niechwiedowicz

Setting country to my country at page top does not filter boulder/lead ascents to my country only .

Svein Olav Mork

I want to see the combined list of assent (on-sight,flash and red point). I also want the option to not make the accent that i have marked go not public.

Kathrin Ziegler

I cannot see my "second gos" anymore!! Really important!

Michael Ganz

Has it always been like this, that "conan" was a different boulder as “Conan”?

It was essential, to search the database: What boulders have been done lately in a crag. What are grades and comments on certain boulders…

Dennis Dietrich

Why did you release a new page when it is still such a crap.

Devlin Junker

Lots of features missing, really hope the above issues are all addressed.

Stefan Harmansa

In the current state this version this is a huge step backwards (so many features missing, many things worse than before). I am quite surprised that something that ill-conceived is going online. What about the beta-testing? I heavily suggest to move back to the old version (which was, despite some flaws, good enough) and only (and only then!) consider migrating to this new version once it is solid, complete and useful to the comunity.

Alex Tighe

I'm very frustrated that I can't find any of the videos I had uploaded with my bouldering ticklist. Did all of those just magically disappear too??...

Boris Čujić
In reply to Adrian Waibel


Most important info on old site: Latest ascents, FA . So you can see in your ( or other ) countries where is now god to climb, which routes are popular , possible grade corrections...

Daniel Danoz

The only problem that i found to the old version was the conection sometimes

But we could explore a lot of information of crags and escent

Please i suggest to move back to the old version