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I support lgbtq+ month.

Savvas Ioannou


I have read on an Instagram post that LGBTQ + month

is almost here.

In many countries members of the LGBTQ + community - mainly homosexuals, bisexuals and transgender people are persecuted. In a lot of countries being a member of this community is illegal and punishable by long term imprisonment, corporal punishment or even death.

I, myself, being of Greek Orthodox faith find it repulsive that in Russian Orthodox Russia fottnalk thugs and 'pro-family' groups hunt down and assault members of the LGBTQ + community.

In many branches of Christianity and in Islam homosexuality is forbidden - Islam wise, the attitude to homosexuality depends on the country and in my opinion in a lot Muslim countries the attitude is changing for the better.

Yesterday I posted a similar thread on UK Climbing but today, to my disgust, I found out that, with no explanation, it had been removed.