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Forum: GLOBAL / Editorial / Leonidio third most popular in 2018 Login in to contribute
Leonidio third most popular in 2018
OffLine 8a.nu
  2018-12-06 00:00:00    
During the last 12 months, 7 298 ascents have been recorded in Leonido making it the third most zlagged in the world after Frankenjura and Kalymnos. Actually, 50 % of the total recorded ascents in Leonidio have beed added just the last year. Kind of remarkable that it is more popular than Rodellar, Arco and Railay Beach together. The second most trendy crag to visit is Kyparissi like 1.5 hour south of Leonidio.

The good news is that both these crags situated like 3 hours south of Athens are climbable also during the winter. Here you can buy the guide-book which also comes in an App.
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OffLine Ulli Donabaum
  2018-12-05 11:00:56    
I think also the highly recommended Guide Book of the Panjika Cooperative should be mentioned here!!!
OffLine Christoph Barthel
  2018-12-05 20:57:25    
Exactly! In my opinion there is only one reason not to buy the local Guidebook: when it is not done well. Which in this case is not true.
Buy the local guidebook @ Panjika & thus support the developers!
OnLine Jens Larssen
  2018-12-05 21:29:57    
Sure it would have been mentioned if it was possible to buy but on their website but they say it is not possible.
OffLine Jacob Niemann
  2018-12-06 08:27:03    
You can buy it when you are there! Considering you want to climb in Leonidio, this should not be a problem...
OffLine Freddie Chopin
  2018-12-06 08:41:32    
The website is outdated - the new edition of the guidebook is available since October 2018. The price went up and the grades went down - I would prefer the opposite, but well... (;
OffLine zapfenwolfi
  2018-12-06 17:43:47    
@ Freddie
:-) :-)
OffLine Jerome
  2018-12-06 19:02:02    
Actually in a rock'n'road trip in Grecia (one month staying in Leonidio) I bought the two guide books. Both are carrefuly and greatly done. For a staying longer than 1 week in Leonidio the local book is very usefull; more acurate with access, grades and of course describes twice more sectors and routes. It also has local infos if you want cultural digging for your rest days. For a shorter stay and with the idea of enjoying other places in Greece, the "best of" is perfect/enough, and you will feel very strong with its grading ;)