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 By: Jens Larssen  | Date: 2006-01-05  | Category: Tips & Tricks    | Comment  
Walking ropes - Doing the circus princess move

I thought I knew all the tricks for hang-dogging a route. In fact, I had an article ready to be published when I suddenly saw a new brilliant move at Railay.

Lousie Lewinschal fell and was hanging in open-air and I thought she was going to have to do 10 pull-up moves in order to get back on the route.

Suddenly, however, she put a foot on the rope and "walked" up until she could reach the quickdraw and then the belayer took in the slack. I ran for my camera and this is waht it looks like;)
To get your feet close to the body is the crux
resning.jpg dubbelsteg.jpg
Once you can stand on the foot, you are home safe. Stand up! If you need to get very high you can walk the rop
ståoch titta.jpg I have tried it myself and it is easy. In fact, I forwarded the tip to several climbers who where about to do the pull-up move and everyone understood it directely and saved a lot of energy.

A mountainering guide actually said that this could be a life saver if you get in a situation where you need to do like 20 metres as you have missed the rappelling anchor etc.

If you don't directely reach the quickdraw you have to let go of the rope. The hang-dog article will be publish in February. Anyone with more brilliant tricks?
If you cant reach high enough you have to let go and do it again