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Monday, 10 August



The Astroman shirt from the Seattle brand Outdoor Research is a concept created by the famous north american climber, Hans Florine who is used to suffering long sunny days in the numerous pitches of Yosemite walls. 

If you’re looking for a more casual look you’ll appreciate this cool item of clothing, whether its for climbing or everyday wear. They’ve used the ever classic but modern checked design in three different colours to meet a wide range of tastes such as blue, green and orange. They are available in long and short sleeves. 

As already mentioned, the idea behind this garment is to use it when you go climbing. In fact we’ve used it and we can assure that it permits total freedom of movement without having to get it a size bigger than your regular size. It's made out of 85% nylon and 15% 'Spandex' which gives it that extra stretchiness. Its composition enables maximum breathability and produces a sense of coolness when you wear it. Besides, its longevity has been proven wash after wash without losing any of its quick dry, no need to iron properties (its amazing to see there are no creases insight when you take it out of the washing machine or backpack).

Its weight is also worth noting, a mere 154 grams in size L. 

It has a few other technical details which makes it even more attractive. Those who do multi-pitch routes and are constantly exposed to many hours of sun will appreciate this shirt's UPF 50+ sun protection plus the Sun Snap Collar™ which folds up and snaps in place to protect your neck from the sun's rays and/or your throat from the unexpected brisk wind. 

Lastly, we've been quite surprised with the effect that its snap down buttons has had, which very rightly so enables you to dispose of it super quick and with the simple gesture of pulling it open with both hands which has very funnily so led to many racy comments and whistles ;-) 

Esteban Diez Fernández climbing with the Astroman shirt on 'Pati Glamour', 7c in Valdegovía (Basque Country - Spain).
Pic© Ignacio Sandoval Burón.

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