Most inspiring pictures of October!


Thursday, 5 November

An other month past by and it´s time to publish the most inspiring pictures of October. Last month was the best ever when it comes to nice pictures, i guess thats the reason why not as many was uploaded this month. At this moment i have started to collect pictures for the yearbook of 2009, if you have pictures that you find intresting for the book send them to me: Will also write a short article of what pictures we are looking for! Here are the best rated and most inspiring pictures of October, enjoy!
Katie Erickson from United States on "Dave the dude", 7a in Red river gorge. This might be one of the most impressive crags in the world and should be on everyones "want-to-go-list"
Victor Holmqvist from Sweden on one of many classic routes in Thailand, Tonsai beach. Thailand is one of the most popular climbingdestinations in the world. With a perfect setting, warm weather all over the year, cheap and confotable living and quite a lot great routes it´s not so hard to understand! (c) jimmy sundin
"Stone Temple Pilots", The Lookout, Canmore/Alberta" (c) Gery UnterasingerJonbe Agirre from Spain on "Txipolini", 8b in Apellaniz. This is Jonbes personal best but according to his scorecard he has climbed over 150 routes over 7a this year and i bet my last money that a new personal best will be set very soon ;) (c)Ander Insagurbe
Lisa Bähr on "Barbarella", 6c+, Just one of many beutiful lines in the Magic Woods, Switzerland Summer of 2009. (c) Rolf Seitz See all his beutiful picures here!
Axel Perschmann  "Du cote de Seshuan" , 7c+ in Magic Wood, Switzerland, Summer of 2009. More Pics here! Just one of many fantastic pictures of Rolf Seitz
"Soyhières - one of the most beautiful crags in the Northwestern Jura close to Delémont/Switzerland with stunning overhangs and superb resistance routes up to 8c+. Unknown guy on 'Déjà' 8b+." (c) Chris Frick
"Jocke on "Flip flop" 6a at Hamburgö, Sweden." There are no lack of nice climbs on the Island of the westcoasy of Sweden. Loads of new boulders will be brushed and climbed further on! (c) Pontus Aratoun More nice pictures from Pontus here!
Daniel Olausson from Sweden on one of many classic boulders on the west coast of Sweden. (c)Fredrik Schenholm. See more nice pictures from Fredrik here!
Matusalem 6c+, Chironico. Summer 2009. Chironico might be as good as Magic Woods and definately worth a visit this spring! (c) Rolf Seitz

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