Most inspiring pictures of January!


9 February 2010

A new year is here, new possibilities for hard sends, long trips and loads of nice climbing all over the globe! We are now about to put the yearbook of 2009 together with some 100 crags with pictures and info for the ultimate road trip for 2010. Here are a few of the best rated and most inspiring pictures of January 2010, enjoy!
This excellent picture from China was one of the best rated this month, we do appreciate pictures with more info from the crags, climbs etc! (c) w2
Mayan Smith-Gobat from New Zealand on the final crux of "Space Boy" (Extension) 8b+, Super Bowl (Cave). Mayan has 8c as her best and is 9th in the ranking! (c) Max Farr
"Thomas Schwender Dezember 2009. great sunny winter days in Ticino." Just one of many beautiful pictures by Nicolas Altmaier, see all his pictures here!
Time for a old school picture! Climbers did actually wear those kind of clothing back in the days. Here we got Porter "Chickenhawk" Jarrard from United States back in the 90.s (c)Peter Noebels
A quite unknown boulder place, Sardinia. This picture is from Capo Testa, Italy. One of many nice photos by Michele Caminati, see them all here!
Matheus Veloso from Brazil "A Gruna! Chapada Diamantina Ba - Brasil" This was the best rated pictures this month, picture by: gustavo baxter
Mumin Karabas from Turkey on "Greek Gift" 7b in Geyikbayiri. After what i have heard there are many excellent sectors in Turkey and more are being bolted, Turkey should be on the "want-to-go-list" for 2010! (c) Bernardo Gimenez
Jorge T on "Varano", 8a. in Albarracín. Just one of many nice and steep boulders in this area. Do check out when the area is open before you go there, normally the best season is during the Autumn! (c) -javipec -
Petra Müller from Germany on "Vasco de Gama", 7a, one of many nice boulders in Tessin. (c) Frank Kretschmann
Tamara Diaz from Spain took this crazy picture, i guess most peoples (not climbers) would find it surreal ;)

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