Most inspiring pictures of February-10


Tuesday, 9 March

I guess most peoples are motivated to get out to the crag now as the season in many countries are about to start. At the same time I believe that some are confused when there was 20 centimeters of snow in Barcelona this morning. Is it the spring coming or the winter? ;) Loads of excellent pictures have been uploaded this month, included the best voted pictures so far. On we are about to finalize the yearbook, including the "ultimate" road trip with pictures and info, articles from celebrities and so much more, keep your eyes open for it!
Dave Pegg from United States on "Rumors and Lies" at Indian Cove, Joshua Tree. Just one of many really nice and high rated pictures this month! (c) Robert Miramontes Agata Wiśniewska from Poland on Porrot 7c+ in El Chorro, Spain. El Chorro is known as a winter-crag but I guess some place warmer is to recommend when the weather is like this in Spain ;) (c) Cezary Modrzejewski
Ricardo Alves 'Macau' from Portugal is "normally" behind the camera, see all his nice pictures here! But this time he´s climbing "Pyramid Power" 7B in Rumney. (c) Rita Silva
Daniel Woods on "The Game" which he recently managed to do and gave it the grade 8C+ after working the project for 2 years! Daniel is one of the strongest guys in the world and I put my money on him doing a lot of hard boulders in the future, continuing pushing the limits! (c) Steve Woods
Carlos Aguiriano on "la Trave de Baltzola". The second best rated picture this month, photo by Sergio Delgado
Matheus Veloso from Brazil was caught on this beautiful picture while climbing in Patagonia, Argentina. (c) Murilo Vargas
Theo Elmer from United Kingdom trying to stick the slooper on "In the night every cat is Black", 8a in Mallorca, Spain.
Thiago Veloso from Brazil on this cool arete, 7b, somewhere in Brazil. (c) Leonardo Veiga
Eduard Martin from Spain trying sueños rotos, 8a+. (c) juaNMA
Maika Hemera from New Zealand on Dream thing 21 at Wye Creek. This is the best rated picture so far which is not so hard to understand! (c) Saahn

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