Most Inspiring pictures of August!


7 September 2010

Here are the Top-10 Best voted pictures for August. Thank you! And here you got the best galleries for other months 2010: January, February, March, April, MayJune, July

Best voted picture of August!
Christian Knoll on Les Extraterrestress 7a, Verdon - following a 6b+ (c) David Scherrer
Pirmin Bertle doing Cabane au Canada 9a, Rawyl (c) Johannes Lüft
Markus Eberl (46) on Der schwarze Schwan, 8c in Ötzal (c) Markus Schwaiger
Julie Troepolskaya (19) doing Tantrum 8a+, Railay (c) Kirill Belotserkovskii
Fickle Finger of Fate V3 at Castle Hill, New Zealand (c) Luke Barrett
Eva Lopez (40) climbing at Collegats. (c) David Munilla
Lee Cujes on The Burden of Immortality 7c+, Ten sleep (c) Gareth Llewellin
Tito Claudio Traversa (9) doing Octopus 7c+, Gorges Du Tarn (c) T&GPhoto
Dustin Burd on Desert Gold 7c+, Red Rocks
Arjan de Kock doing Shosholoza 8A+, Rocklands

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