James Webb


20 July 2010

Dramatic improvement for James.
James Webb is #6 in the 8a world ranking game after
dramatic progress the last few years. He did his first
8A in 2007. In May/June 2010 he did eight 8B and harder including downgrading Jade to 8B+. Since then he has been injured...so he is kack on his skate board.

When and how did you start climbing?
Well, I started climbing in high school around October of 2003. I was dating a girl at the time who was on the climbing team .. she took me out one day ... and I was hooked. I also met a good friend of mine there, Jeremy Walton, who became my main climbing partner for the next 4 years.

When did you start to realize that you could be a world class boulderer?
I don't really see myself as a world class boulderer honestly. If one day I can be pushing the limits of our sport, maybe then I'll view myself as a top end boulderer.

Do you have any goals?
Short term goals include some hard problems in the southeast this up and coming season. Long term goals involve getting to South Africa for the Summer of 2011!

Have you been successful in any other sports?
Actually yea I spent 15 years playing competitive soccer in multiple leagues. I had a scholarship to go to almost any school I wanted...but then I started climbing. Also I'm really big into skateboarding.. and since my finger is messed up right now, it's basically all I do.

What about doing more competitions?
I am psyched to do more competitions for sure. We were hoping to make it to the Trade show competition in August, but lack of funds are the deciding factor.. So hopefully Nationals next year?

Which are the best bouldering spots in USA?
So far the best bouldering areas I have climbed at are RMNP, Hueco Tanks, Arkansas, and the of course the Southeast

What is your best training advice?
Make sure your always having fun .. training/ climbing becomes so much more stressful when your solely focused on success or progression. I train a bit in our gym on certain things that I need to improve.. but for the most part it's just climbing.  Trying problems at your limit with a friend or two can really go a long way.  

Who are inspiring you?
My inspiration comes from basically anyone who is psyched to try hard, and push their personal limits.. weather it's a harder boulder, taller boulder, crazy route, mixed route, whatever..

PS Which are your sponsors?
Huge thanks of course goes out to my sponsors, who help make everything happen! La Sportiva, Organic, Verve, Metolious Chalk, and World Cup Climbing Holds!

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