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Monday, 7 November
Guntram Jörg has during the last eight weeks done 14 8B's and Anam Cara, 8B+/C. Here he comments his extreme progress. You can also check

I started bouldering at the end of 2006 and since then I gave everything so that I would climb one day at my top level. I stopped school, I haven't been going out a lot, basically I was just focusing on climbing.

For two years I was trying very hard to gain an increasingly higher level, but I failed. Finally this autumn I was able to send Anam Cara (8B+ or 8C). I personally think that this was the reason for my progress, it showed me that it is possible for my body & mind to climb on that high level where they are working together and even more so I don't feel that I have reached my limit already.

The last month was crazy, not even I know what´s going on! I was able to do so many sends in a very short time, I felt that I have my body under control at a new level. I felt this while climbing boulders like General Disarray or Vecchia leone. So it was not only luck! =)

During the winter I will climb in Swiss and Font. I am thinking about a trip to the US around the new year. It's all depending on the sponsors. I really appreciate the support I have gotten from my sponsors and I really believe in climbing as a way of life and want to continue pushing in that direction.

Basically my goal for the winter is repeating some harder boulders around 8B+ everywhere I travel to build a better base and of course keeping an eye out for the new amazing boulders.

At the moment I can afford my climbing with my little cap company Gu-Caps.
I built up this business on my own and keep it all hand made in the family, I even have my amazing grandmother making caps with me =)

For the future I dream that climbing can be my main job and continued focus: It is the only thing that makes me really happy to do and share with others. (and i think I'm not that bad in what I'm doing=)) Climbing gives my life a sense of purpose & pushes me to work harder in the exploration of what is possible...

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