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 By: Jens Larssen  | Date: 2008-12-11  | Category: Training    | (14) Comments  

The Closed Hand Technique is used by climbers hanging into the skin while resting on sharp holds.
All the pictures by Nicolas Ian Sutter

Climbers are normally talking about three gripping positions: Open Hand, Open Crimp and Closed Crimp. Here are five pictures showing two different ways of Open Hand where when actually is redefined to Open Fingers plus the Closed Hand Technique. The Closed Hand technique is something most experienced climbers use while resting. Feel free to comment!

Open Fingers aka Open Hand

The finger tips are bent. It is mostly used on two fingers pockets.
Open Crimp

This technique is often used on shallow pockets which makes it impossible you Closed Crimp.
Closed Crimp

This technique is mostly used on tiny edges.
Open Hand

This is the classic Fontainebleau gripping technique on sloopers
Closed Hand aka Skinning

You are hanging into the flash. The thicker finger pads the more useful it is. The technique is mostly used while resting on sharp holds.