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 By: Johan Svensson  | Date: 2007-11-09  | Category: Other    | (9) Comments  

Empty 20 % air. Fold it and carry like a rucksack. Reinflate in 30 seconds!
Spotted a boulder problem on the other Island, no problem!

Velcro will cost Euro 50 and can be fitted later. It should been mentioned that it makes the Air Pad thicker once folding together. We do not recommend it!


8a has during the last three months tested different versions of inflatable Airpads. Starting with a smaller size we soon realised the advantages of a larger version since they don´t take long to inflate. The reason for the pad´s stability is the structure, which comprise 20cm-long polyester threads. The surface is also very thick and durable, and the pad is impossible to puncture during normal bouldering. However, we recommend not to use it in extreme conditions, like on top of a big pointy sharp rock. The name of the Air Pad is 8A which will be printed on the cover.

The producer is HGB in Göteborg, Sweden, who is also the owner of the patent. They have 40 years experience in delivering gymnastic and wrestling mattresses, including to 5 Olympic Games. They started producing indoor bouldering mattresses three years ago. 

Main advantages of the 8A AIR PAD: 210 * 125 * 20 cm

  • Performance - Better chances of sending hard boulders since you´re less afraid 
  • Safety - Reduced risk for injuries when landing 
  • Transportation - Reduced package volume (in your car, public transportation or airplane)
  • Storage - Under your bed instead of in the hallway 
  • Cleaning - Put it in a bag in your apartment or car
  • Sleeping - You can use it in your tent or as a extra bed at home
  • Play - use it for fun in the ocean, sliding on snow,or high jumping in your backyard
  • Adjustable - Air pressure can be adjusted based on weight and height
  • Jump - You can bounce to reach high starting holds
  • No bounce - High pressure valves release air on high impact

AIR Facts

  • Empty 20 % of the air and fold it together like a ordinary crash pad. Then it takes 30 - 40 seconds inflate.
  • Adjustable air pressure (bar)
  • High pressure valves will release air on high falls
  • Holds 5 bar, which is double the pressure of an ordinary car tire


  • Two valves - 30 seconds to empty. (Standard size valves)
  • Two high pressure valves - Adjustable 
  • One foot pump - 4 minutes to inflate.
  • Repair kit - As easy as for a bike (unlikely to be used)
  • Numbers - To avoid robbery
  • Handles - For moving the pad while inflated 
  • Rucksack-strap on - For carrying longer distances
  • Bag - For clean storage
  • Guarantee - Two years

Velcro cover (to increase the friction)*
*8a does not recommend you to buy this as a softly pumped Airpad creates friction by itself