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 By: Jens Larssen  | Date: 2006-04-01  | Category: Interviews    | Comment  

Adam Ondra - 93 The best youngster ever

Adam Ondra, 11-years-old

Does it exist any other sport where an 11-year-old can be part of the world's Top-10 list? Probably, the closest you get is gymnastic where Russia continously, by disciplinary elite schools and strict diets, produce acrobatic mini-girls. Adam Ondra seems to be just an ordinary boy who enjoys climbing just like any child. 8a.nu would like to state that we would not have publish the interview if it had turned out that it was performance who where the driving force for him or his parents. Luckily and as a good role model it seems to be the opposite.

- More meters, more experiences, more fun!

When, Why and How did you start climbing?

I have been climbing with my parents since my early childhood. Sometimes I tried to climb something or only swung on the rope. When I was six or seven I did some harder routes top rope. Then I tried a competition, which has motivated me a lot.

How often do you climb?

During the week I climb two or three times, usually bouldering. My partner is Martin Stranik (second in European Youth Cup 2004). I have a small climbing wall at home, as well. But there is a disadvantage - you have to climb without manesium and your shoes. Weekends we spend in rocks. I prefer rocks.

Nationality/City Czech Republic/Brno
Height/Weight 157 cm/40 kg
Best Crags Tarn, Buoux, Seynes
Sponsors Singing rock, Saltic, Sun Sport
Scorecard #11/ 11 200 points

Do you have a special program?
I haven't got any system, yet. I don't develop up my muscles, only naturally by climbing, I do stretching. I climb when I want and what I want. I did gymnastics for some years, but I didn't compete. Just for fun.

Which is your next goal?

I don't like speaking about my plans very much. So only in general - I always try to climb as many routes of the grade OS (now, it is 8b). I usually don't try harder things for a long time.

What kind of routes do you like best?
I like slightly overhanging walls. I usually have problems in roofs and routes with artificial holds and bored holes, because I'm not tall enough. If I see a nice route, no matter the grade or the character, I want to climb it. Cracks too. I aim to climb all types of routes on various types of rocks. I try to climb new projects in crags near Brno.

Who belay you and how do you avoid hard falls? Usually my parents, sometimes my friends. Anybo
dy, who is free. But a problem comes in the other situation - nobody wants to be belayed by me :-). I'm not afraid of hard falls, but I don't climb dangerous routes. More meters, more experiences, more fun!