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Gyms Russia (9)   
Limestone Moscow, Russia  
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Address:  Lesnoryadskiy pereulok, 18 - 6
107140 Moscow
Phone: +74995190166
Email: team@lmstn.ru
Url: http://lmstn.ru/
Neolit Saint-Peterburg, Russia  
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Address:  57, ul. Zhelezniaka
197343 Saint-Peterburg
Phone: +79216500431
Email: info@neolit.club
Url: http://neolit.club/
Boulder Gym. One of the largest in St. Petersburg. Total area - more than 500 sq.meters. Height - 4 m. We opened 30 October 2015, but has already a good reputation among athletes and fans. A wide variety of planes gives scope for creating your own routes. Specially for you there are marked boulders of varying difficulty for self-practice. So that old boulders are not tired, we replace them with new ones. Free WiFi for visitors. We are open daily from 11:00 to 23:00
BigWall Moscow, Russia  
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Address:  Bumazhnyy proezd, 19c1
127015 Moscow
Phone: +7 (499) 653 60 30
Email: info@bigwallsport.ru, bigwallsport@gmail.com
Url: http://www.bigwallsport.ru
Biggest climbing centre in Moscow. Nice both for bouldering and sport climbing. Shower, changing room, bar, shops, slackline and other good stuff included.
Pros: big, close to underground, both bouldering and sport climbing, a lot of professional climbers, high sport wall, wide range of route difficulties.
Cons: high prices, overcrowded evenings and on weekends.
Chris Sharma, Paige Claassen and Alex Huber can tell you details :)
Igels - live club Saint-Petersburg, Russia  
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Address:  naberezhnaya Obvodnogo kanala 136/71
190020 Saint-Petersburg
Phone: +7 (812) 622-09-66
Email: igelsadmin@gmail.com
Url: http://www.igelsclub.ru
Tramontana Sankt Petersburg, Russia  
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Address:  Bronnitskaya, 24
190013 Sankt Petersburg
Phone: +7-812-640-38-44
Email: climb@tramontana.ru
Url: http://www.climbingcenter.ru
Climbing and yoga. One of the great gyms of Russia. Bouldering and sport climbing. Changing room, showers and sauna.
Luch St-Petersburg, Russia  
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Address:  prospect Dinamo 44
196066 St-Petersburg
Phone: +79217517093
Email: kos-spb@yandex.ru
Url: http://www.lu4.su
boulder gym situated in ver nice place, made for climbers by climbers
Skalatoria Moscow, Russia  
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Address:  Letnikovskaya str., 4 building 2
115114 Moscow
Phone: 007(495)6425878
Email: info@skalatoria.ru
Url: http://www.skalatoria.ru
About 380 m of climbing walls. Perfect bouldering, top rope up to 7,5 m., lead climb up to 8 m., moonboard, climbing school, training area, small shop of wear and equipment. Locker room, shower,wc. Good place for all from beginners to pro. Perfect team and cozy atmosphere:)
Climing gym in kindergarten Togliatty, Russia  
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Address:  21 Zhukova st.
445000 Togliatty
Best bouldering gym in region
Centre of moder sports "Zhest" St.Petersburg, Russia  
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Address:  38 Kosmonavtov av.
190000 St.Petersburg
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Phone: +7 812 379-18 58
Email: ivan.kaurov@gmail.com
Url: http://www.zhestsport.ru/
11.8 meter high wall, Area 388 sq.m, 11.8m world record speed route, routes 5 - 8b(+)