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Claude Idoux - The unknown Kalymnos hero 

Click to Enlarge PictureDuring the last two weeks, there have been three bad accidents which in two cases could have been deathly without the efficient rescue work by Claude Idoux.

He has been living permanent on the island for seven years more or less constantly putting up new routes and rebolting etc beside the rescue work.

"The climbers do not know that if there is an accident, the municipality do nothing but sending their old "ambulance" van and wait to volunteers carry the injured down to the road. Through private donations we now have a stretcher and in most of the cases it is me have to do the hard work.

It is frustrating to see that it actually is worse every year when it comes to safety and also environmental works. I always go around collecting garbage but the next week i am at the crag it is more or less the same.

It would be nice if 8a could help out spreading more awareness to the new generation. One idea is that we actually just set up signs everywhere informing about safety and the environment. It is also important that equippers stop breaking the stalactites. If it seems loose, do not put up a route there. We have seen some very bad things especially in Sikati when it comes to breaking beautiful tufas."
(c) Nicolas Smalios