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Hip Hop Gone Wild - featuring female climbers  Facebook

Documentory of Chinese girl becoming professional  Facebook

Wovenhand 8B in Magic Wood  Facebook

Murano low 8B+ by Lorenzo Puri  Facebook

Highlander 8B+ by Lorenzo Puri  Facebook

Sam Elias - Driven to climb  Facebook

Sam Elias - Driven to Climb from SCARPA North America on Vimeo.

Miho Nonaka and Jernej Kruder Adidas Rockstars  Facebook

Click to Enlarge PictureAlex Puccio and Miho Nonaka, (c) Vladek Zumr, were the only ones to do all four boulders in the semi and they did it both in five tries. Keita Watabe won by flashing all four and in total, eight topped all problems. Three Japanese to the final and the World Champion Kai Harada #7.

In the final, Miho and Alex were in the lead from the start and in the super final Puccio takes and early fall but on the fourth move they are anyhow neck and neck on the fourth move until Puccio falls and Miho cruises to the buzzer.

Among the male, Jernej Kruder and Jongwon Chon were also in the lead the whole way. In the super final, they started dancing and the clock is ticking. After a butt bump they speed climbing to the top with Jernej some few seconds ahead... and more dancing on top...

Ekaterina Kipriianova and Tomoaki Takata got the bronzes. Complete results Finals video

Foppiano Bouldering in Italy  Facebook

Paul Robinson's 10 projects for 2018  Facebook

Male Combined Final  Facebook

Male final analysis  Facebook

Male Boulder Final 19.00  Facebook

Semifinal analyses  Facebook

Female Boulder Semi 13.00  (5) Facebook

Tristan Chen doing Jaws II 9a+  Facebook

Bullrider 8B by Thomas Lindiger  Facebook

Male Bouldering Qualifications  Facebook

Stay updated on the results for the 152 male competed. Avaialiable also through the App "Innsbruck 2018.

Female Boulder Qualification  (4) Facebook

112 female will start the bouldering qualification in two groups at 10, Updated results.

Male Lead Highlights  Facebook

Lead Final  Facebook

Bombero de la Roca 7a+ in Sant Llorenç del Munt  Facebook

Pau Contreras en Wonder boy (8b) FA, Sant Llorenç del Munt  Facebook

Rescat Emocional (7b+), Sant Llorenç del Munt  Facebook

Hungry Monkeys in Railay  Facebook

Hungry Monkeys from Ironmanfilms on Vimeo.

Hong and Mascarenas WIN in New Mexico (Highlights)  Facebook

Alps Feels  Facebook

Oh, The Places You'll Go!  Facebook

Dark Horse Championships  Facebook

Dark Horse Series - Season 6 - Round 3 Highlights  Facebook

2014 Psicobloc Masters  Facebook

Stefano Carnati (16) does Three 8c's  Facebook

Dr. Heather (Robinson) Weidner: Life In Reverse  Facebook

Bouldering in Russia  Facebook

2013 SCS Open National Championships Highlights  Facebook

Ben Spannuth - Two Tiny Routes  Facebook

BIG WORM - Dave Wetmore  Facebook

Dark Horse Series 4 - Round 1 Highlights  Facebook

STONELICK: Matty Hong  Facebook

Bouldering is Sexy  Facebook

Bouldering is Sexy from Revolution Climbing on Vimeo.

On the road to The North Face Kalymnos Festival  Facebook


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