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Forum: USA / News / TWO 8C+ OS BY ADAM ONDRA Login in to contribute
OffLine 8a.nu
  2011-03-07 00:00:00    
Adam Ondra has created climbing history by having on-sighted two routes graded 8c+ in Etxauri. Yesterday it was Kidetasunaren balio erantsia and today Bizi Euskaraz. Until yesterday, Patxi Usobiaga was the first and only having on-sighted an 8c+ back in 2007 also with 'Bizi Euskaraz'. It will be interesting to see which personal grades the 18-year-old will use recording them in the 8a data base. Adam has previously onsighted 16 routes 8c out of which the first on his 15th birthday. Source: Desnivel, where we also read that yesterday, apart from the 8c+ on-sight, he also did in the same style Fuck the police, 8c, and Tekken, 8b+, routes in between which he didn't even take his climbing shoes off... Picture by Vojtech Vrzba from Corona. Planetmoutain has a new interview based on Adam's 9b FA last month.
OffLine jerr roberts
  2011-03-08 05:44:22    
5.14c/ 8c+ onsights .... It would think Just do it at smith would be , easy , or perfect for him 14b/c. And necessary evil he could crush it 14c or 8c+ He needs to come to the red and onsight J. Seigrist new lines - wow . Hes way way out there . Thats sick . So he can onsight 14d- 9a for sure  soon and maybe 15a - 9a+??? I never thought id  live to see the day 15a- 9a+ was onsighted . I would very much like to see this guy onsighting , im sure everyone could learn from his style. So amazing ....
OnLine Aris Theodoropoulos
  2011-03-08 08:24:03    

In Kalymnos Adam onsighted Gora Guta Gutarak (8c+) "easily" at May 2009
and modestly gave it an 8c. However, in the new guidebook it remains an 8c+ as
suggested by Nico Favresse and Steve McClure.

OffLine Svet
  2011-03-08 09:12:09    
Nice 2 see that Adam is back from winter bouldergym, every time stronger and stronger ))) just happy to know he's on the way to 9a os! awesome. dont keep fingers crossed 4 it, 9a os  and 9c redpoint must b taken granted))) yeeeeaah!!!! PS  Adam, wheres the BIG AO MOVIE wer waiting for? keep crushing and inspiring, regard from Ukraine coool  dude )!!
OnLine Jens Larssen
  2011-03-08 09:21:56    
@ Aris: Thanks, in fact also Pirmin Bertle has confirmed 8c+ for Gora... so you can actually say that the community grade is 8c+ even if Adam says it was like 8c for him. Adam has been modesty, or "brave and humble" when it comes to grading since he was 14-years-old. In fact he is the one of the guys who has given most personal grades including upgradings. When it comes to the grading at Kalymnos, I actually advised him to only give personal down grades for the clear cases as he was considering giving personal grades for 50 %.
OffLine Giamo
  2011-03-08 11:33:24    
SO STRONG!!!! che tenenza...
OffLine User Deactivated
  2011-03-08 14:22:47    
@svet, you're wright: WHERE IS THE AO MOVIE??? It would be nice to see it soon...
OffLine John Meget
  2011-03-08 18:41:17    
Does anyone know Adam's World Cup plans this year? 
OnLine Jens Larssen
  2011-03-08 21:32:32    
As I have understood, Adam's focus on the competition scene is the World Champion otherwise his priority is rock. It seems he will not do the full World Cup but maybe he has changed his opinion.
OffLine felipe
  2011-03-09 19:37:08    
4 now.... he just did El templo del cafe and powerade...both 8c+s and OS...then he did desafiando a tsunami 8c+ second try...and to finish Noa 8b OS! everything in a day... http://danifuertes.blogspot.com/
OffLine Unai
  2011-03-10 09:57:12    
the video and photos http://dieselryder.blogspot.com/2011/03/adam-ondra-en-su-8c-onsight-fotos-y.html