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Forum: USA / News / Top-20 most popular boulder areas Login in to contribute
Top-20 most popular boulder areas
OffLine 8a.nu
  2008-03-10 00:00:00    
Fontainebleau 15745 ascents, Hueco Tanks 9979, Kjugekull 7685, Squamish 4565, Cocalzinho 4475, Cresciano 4284, HP 40 3646, Magic Wood 3204, Albarracín 3151, Joe's Valley, 2803, Bishop 2306, Gunks 2280, Chironico 2261, Buttermilks 1982, Lincoln Woods 1972, RMNP 1782, Yosemite 1720, Frankenjura 1611, LRC 1523, Rocklands 1518.
OffLine Joe Meiners
  2008-03-10 01:23:58    
i have never heard of Kjugekull and Cocalzinho where are they?
OffLine Eduardo Carvalho
  2008-03-10 04:19:43    
Cocalzinho eh nosso.... xo gringos!
OffLine User Deactivated
  2008-03-10 07:48:00    
Kjugekull is in the south of Sweden.
OffLine Sune Hermit
  2008-03-10 10:37:57    
No doubt Kjugekull in Sweden is on the list because 8a.nu's swedish origin means that a disproportionate large number of swedish climbers registrer their ascents compared to e.g. italian or american climbers. Kjugekull is also popular with danish climbers since it can be reached in about two hours from Copenhagen. 
OffLine Stefano Braggio
  2008-03-10 12:06:48    
Cocalzinho(Cocalzinho de Goias/Goias/Brazil) is the best bouldering area in latin america,,can be considered a brazilien hueco,font, Rocklands......maybe only 30% or less of the aera has been developed. but has already more than 1000 established boulders.
OffLine Sueco muy loco
  2008-03-10 15:43:24    
Joe Meiners, here is a link to the Kjugekull homepage . With 1100+ boulders in a very nice scenery I guess that Kjugekull deserves its place among the top-20 most popular areas.
OffLine Joe Meiners
  2008-03-10 21:49:46    
yeah it looks amazing... I don't know how I haven't heard of it before.
OffLine Lars Askgaard
  2008-03-11 09:37:54    
Sweden and Norway both have areas well deserving of high positions on a global scale. Havent been to kjugekull yet but have heard it's a fantastic site for bouldering
OffLine Patrick 'Petje' Coenen
  2008-03-11 09:56:20    
Nice there is a homepage for kjugekull. Now for international inspirations/aspirations/accessability, install a translating machine for english content!