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Forum: USA / News / Public Service Announcment for Rifle Mtn Park Login in to contribute
Public Service Announcment for Rifle Mtn Park
OffLine 8a.nu
  2007-08-15 00:00:00    
We have just learned of a confirmed case of the Hantavirus infecting a climber from Rifle Mountain Park in Rifle, Colorado. This announcement is not intended to keep you from climbing in the park, but to alert you to the possibility of infection if you do not protect your food while camping there. Please be sure to seal all food and inspect it for mouse droppings or any mouse activity in or around your campsite or vehicle. Hantavirus Pulmonary Syndrome is very serious and there is a 50% mortality rate if infected. If you have any symptoms of fever or fatigue, please seek medical attention immediately.
OffLine User Deactivated
  2007-08-15 14:36:04    
Does anyone know about the condition of the climber who got the hanta virus?  The mouse population in rifle has exploded recently.  I hope everybody takes some extra precautions around there.
OffLine Tye Watkins
  2007-08-15 17:06:38    
The climber in question is actually Ryan Sewell from Texas. He is very sick, but doing a bit better everyday. The Hantavirus is nothing to play around with. Please take the neccessary precautions and be safe. And pray for Ryan.
OffLine Steve Woods
  2007-08-15 17:07:47    
Hey Tony... just like the 4-corners outbreak, I think the heavier rain this year has made food more abundant for the mice, thus the population explosion. The climber is improving, but still in ICU and on a ventilator.  Because he is in good shape he has better survival potential than most, but only because he is getting proper medical attention. HPS is a stealth virus with common flu like symptoms at first, then when the lungs begin filling up with fluid it does not matter how good of shape you are in.  You will die if you do not get agressive medical attention.  There is a two to four week incubation period as well, so the first symptoms do not appear for a while.  If you know of friends at Rifle that have not received the warning, please pass this information on to them. Steve
OffLine Joe Meiners
  2007-08-16 05:42:39    
I am going to have to correct you about the incubation period... There is actually no real incubations period due to how rare it is scientist have not yet declared a real incubation period. Scientist have said that the first symptoms can show up as fast as one week or as slow as six weeks... So those of you who have climbed out there might not be showing symptoms now, but once you do take immediate action to treat it.
OffLine Brian Antheunisse
  2007-08-16 06:34:38    
For all who are curious about ryans condition, he is doing exceptionally well. He is almost off all his meds and were sure that by tomorrow(8/16) he will be fully concious and off of the ventalator. He still has a long road to recovery, but if he keeps it up, he'll be better soon. Thanks for everyones support.
OffLine Steve Woods
  2007-08-17 21:29:38    
Just received word that Ryan is off the ventilator!!  He is waking up and trying to speak now.