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Forum: USA / News / Film teaser from the Alex Honnold 600 m solo of El Sendero Luminoso 7b+ (c) Login in to contribute
Film teaser from the Alex Honnold 600 m solo of El Sendero Luminoso 7b+ (c)
OffLine 8a.nu
  2014-02-06 00:00:00    
Alex Honnold soloed, three weeks ago, the 15 pitches El Sendero Luminoso in Potrero Chico giving it a personal grade of 7b+. On his 8a scorecard he comments the ascent: "Solo! In dos horas. And then another hour to get to the top of El Toro. Amazing experience!".

Reel Rock presents an amazing clip from the crux. The full film will be released on The North Face's YouTube channel in the upcoming weeks.
OffLine Milky "Dad-Bod" Williams
  2014-02-07 16:41:14    
Hey Jens, DPM posted an article a few weeks ago exploring media "promotion" of soloing. In that article, we referred to 8a.nu as the only major online news source that had taken a stand against publishing news of solo ascents. It seems that 8a has changed that policy. I'm just curious about what led to that change? 
OffLine Jens Larssen
  2014-02-08 09:30:00    
We published also that article and I was wondering why you did not contact us as you wrote it. We have continously made head lines for amazing solo ascents including an interview.

Some ten years ago we did often receive emails like, "If I do an 8b solo will you publish it?" At that point we said that we do not want to publish solo ascents and since we have never received any solo question emails. We also said it was wrong when a major magazine heard about a solo climber and than asked for him to do it again in order to make pictures.

For Honnold, it seems that solo climbing is a lifestyle no matter of he gets headlines etc. What he does is amazing and of great interest. It is always a fine line what to publish but we have always chosen to publish the Honnold stories especially as they are widely spread in other media.

As I have understood things, it seems like very few climbers solo climb compared to ten years ago.
OffLine DWF
  2014-02-08 18:26:33    
Good call to publish this Epic effort by Alex!
OffLine Stian Engelsvoll
  2014-02-13 23:23:31    
Whats up with the yellow soles on the Miuras?